Safety Vision’s SafeDrive MiniDVR monitors fleets

Safety Vision introduced the SafeDrive MiniDVR mobile digital video recorder to help contractors monitor fleets with a forward-facing, road-view camera and a rear-facing, cabin-view camera.

The MiniDVR records video, audio and metadata to a removable CompactFlash card, included behind lock and key within each unit. Video is automatically recorded when a vehicle operator is speeding or driving erratically, when the event save button is pushed or when a crash occurs.

SafeDrive records GPS map coordinates, G-force data, vehicle speeds, event trends and audio. It provides advanced playback, search and export features and continues to record while transferring video files to the unit’s memory card. If the unit is connected to the Internet, it provides information on event trends and locations plotted in Google Maps.

The windshield-mounted SafeDrive features internal battery backup that enables recording to continue if vehicle power is suddenly lost due to battery ejection or destruction during a crash. The unit can be mounted permanently to a vehicle’s windshield or mounted temporarily via suction cup.

The SafeDrive MiniDVR provides infrared illuminators for low-light recording in the vehicle cabin, an optional remote contact switch for event saves and four programmable sensors for metadata capture that can be renamed by someone with Administrative rights in the video management software.

For more information on the SafeDrive MiniDVR, visit Safety Vision’s website.