Handle all pipe sizes with Vaculift’s pipe handler
Hook up Vaculift’s RC 10 Pipe Handler in seconds for handling pipe in 4-inch sizes and up.

  • Fully self-contained tank-beam unit
  • 360-degree hydraulic rotator powered by an excavator’s bucket curl circuit
  • Supports material for 15 minutes after engine shutoff

Cradle attachment transports more than just pipes
Transport pipes and free space on the boom platform with Genie’s 250-pound capacity pipe cradle attachment.

  • Attachment’s two cradles can transport glass, drywall and other similarly shaped objects
  • Platform remains clear by cradling panel outside the boom’s guardrails
  • Includes tie-downs, load retaining straps and cushioned guardrail covers

Lift wide variety of pipe with self-leveling pipe hook
Kenco’s self-leveling pipe hook lifts all sizes and types of pipe, including elliptical.

  • Designed for trench boxes and confined spaces
  • Urethane pad prevents damage to inside pipe walls
  • Works with wide range of machines

Bucket forks available in five weight capacity categories
MDS’ line of clamp-on bucket forks comes in 1,000-, 2,000-, 3,000-, 4,000- and 6,000-pound capacities.

  • Wide openings fit thick cutting edges of large, heavy buckets
  • Capped main upright keeps out rainwater
  • Features include an extra-wide handle and powder-coated finish

Make overhead lifting easy with truss boom attachment
Get an extra 6 feet of reach range with Genie’s truss boom attachment for telehandlers.

  • Variable reach attachment provides extra vertical and horizontal reach
  • Lift and place materials such as roof trusses, frames and beams
  • Use with either Genie’s quick-attach or a universal quick-attach setup

AIM Attachments’ skid steer line handles all types of loads
Evenly support loads with AIM Attachments’ line of pallet and utility forks for skid steers.

  • Features high visibility backframe
  • Forged, heat-treated adjustable tines allow for various material widths
  • Built-in operator step ensures easy entry and exit

Durable, lightweight forks mount easily on compact tractors
CTI offers two sizes of tubular clamp-on forks for compact tractors and four sizes of solid steel forks for larger compacts and backhoes.

  • Easily mount forks with sliding clamp handles
  • Heavy gauge tubing ensures durability
  • Models include 1,000- and 2,000-pound lift capacities

Increase vertical lift with Sheyenne attachment
Quickly turn a skid steer into a forklift with Sheyenne’s Tele-Fork.

  • Attachment has a 72-inch vertical lift
  • Safety relief valve limits maximum lift to 1,500 pounds
  • Low profile unit includes fold down back rack

Skid steer fork line includes rod-mounted style
CTI offers rod-mounted skid steer forks in addition to standard rail-mounted forks.

  • Available in 3,000-, 5,000- and 6,000-pound sizes
  • Factory tested to ensure 3-to-1 safety factor
  • Both styles include reinforced bottom rails and forged bottom hooks

Use barrier lift on variety of concrete surfaces
Use Kenco’s KL30000 barrier lift on any concrete surface including median barriers, sound walls, curbing and piling.

  • Maintains a 3-to-1 grip ratio on the barrier
  • Actuator allows lifter to grip and release automatically with no hydraulics
  • Has a 30,000-pound lifting capacity