NADC recruits students for careers in demolition

The National Association of Demolition Contractors is visiting college campuses across the country as part of an aggressive campaign to encourage students to consider the demolition industry as a career path. The organization hopes to spark an interest in students primarily in engineering or construction management programs.

According to Michael Taylor, executive director of NADC, the campaign was developed to give students good reasons to consider demolition.

“There is a lot of interest in our industry, although many students don’t quite understand what is involved in being a demolition contractor,” Taylor said.

As part of the recruiting campaign, NADC distributes packages of materials about the industry, covering topics such as what role an engineering or construction management graduate can play in a demolition firm and what type of disciplines exist in the industry.

Students are also invited to become student members of NADC. By becoming a member, they will receive updates on summer jobs and internships and a free subscription to the demolition industry’s trade magazine, Demolition.

NADC has visited several campuses on its campaign so far, and apparently its recruitment efforts are not unnoticed. Students at Purdue started the first student chapter of NADC after the organization visited their campus.

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