Qualcomm’s third-quarter earnings slip

Qualcomm’s third quarter financial results showed a decrease in earnings and revenue for the company as a whole, although operating revenues experienced a slight improvement.

Qualcomm’s third quarter earnings slipped to $737 million, or 44 cents per share, from $748 million, or 45 cents per share, one year ago. Revenue for the quarter fell to $2.75 billion from $2.76 billion in the third quarter 2008 results.

The company’s wireless and Internet unit’s revenue fell to $148 million, down from $190 million last year. Qualcomm says the decline is due to a $17 million decline in revenue from the company’s truck telematics unit, Qualcomm Enterprise Services. The company says that the QES decrease was due to a $9 million decrease in revenue from hardware sales and a $6 million decrease in messaging revenues.