Leica Viva system provides more flexibility, efficiency

Leica Geosystems introduced the new generation Leica Viva measurement system, which combines new technology with GNSS receivers, controllers and onboard software for more flexibility and efficiency.

Leica Viva GNSS receivers, models GS10 and GS15, can be used for all tasks and set-ups for GNSS surveying and construction. Receivers can be used in all-on-the-pole or backpack rovers, mounted on a car, quad or boat, RTK field base station and long-term monitoring sensor.

The Viva GNSS provides a system for completely integrated to totally modular solutions. The GNSS SmartStation and SmartPole allow for fewer set-ups and fewer control points for flexibility and versatility. Users can choose the set-up of the initial system and upgrade as needed.

The Viva TPS combines angles, distances, drives and automated prism search sensors to create a fast and efficient total station. The TPS is equipped with PinPointEDM, which delivers the optimal balance of range, beam visibility, laser dot size and measurement time.

SmartWorx Viva software runs on the new CS10 and CS15 controllers and enables users to control measurements devices with a single controller from a single job file. The software allows users to connect to the office, GNSS systems or total stations for easy transfer of files.

Controllers allow easy equipment setup with the Snap&Go connection system and long-range wireless connectivity to total stations and GNSS with Leica intenna technology. The controller integrates a 2 mega pixel camera for field documentation and wireless LAN, USB, Bluetooth technology and CF/SD-cards for data storage and transfer capabilities.

For more information on the new Leica Viva technology, visit Leica’s website.