Entry-level grade control system uses angle sensors
Designed for excavation, trenching, grading and profile work, the Trimble GCS600 Grade Control System for excavators is an entry-level product for those in the earthmoving, general construction, site preparation and excavating markets. The unit uses angle sensors that measure the relationship between the body, boom, stick and bucket to determine where the cutting edge is and should be, directing the operator to the desired depth and slope. This capability is designed to significantly reduce the costs and downtime associated with staking or grade checking.

Activate mounting system with rocker switch in cab
The optional Hydraulic X-Change mounting system for Bobcat compact excavators features hydraulically activated attachment retention pins designed for proper removal and securing of attachments. Several attachments can be used with Bobcat compact excavators, including the trenching bucket, grading bucket, breaker, auger and compactor. Operators can activate the Hydraulic X-Change mounting system with a rocker switch on the left console inside the cab. The feature is available on Bobcat compact excavator models 337, 341 and 435.

Stump grinder takes on tough jobs
Bandit Industries’ 275-horsepower, three-speed Bandit Stump Grinder Model 4000 is built for tough jobs such as tree services or land-clearing operations. The Model 4000 has a hydrostatic drive system with a rotating planetary case motor – eliminating the need for belts or gears to power the cutter wheel. The cutter wheel is 40 inches in diameter, 2 inches thick, and has 48 buck teeth. The teeth heads have hard-surfacing in the highest wear areas, as well as recessed pockets to prevent wear to the bolts. The Model 4000 has a three-speed track drive – creep, low, and high.

Mulcher tough on waste piles, but friendly to the environment
Fecon expands its line of Bull Hog Mulchers by offering the BH85-PTO Ground Wide Heavy Duty Model. The BH85-PTO has 36 double carbide-tipped cutting teeth, a cutting width of 70 inches and a weight of 2,900 pounds. This machine is made for clearing lots, brush, yards, waste piles, park trails, and environmental jobs such as clearing wildlife habitats, invasive species reserves and firebreaks. The BH85-PTO has an average tool life of 300-500 hours, a patented rotor design for cutting efficiency and a belt drive system for more uptime. Options include custom or universal mounts and rake teeth for the push bar.

Take charge with new skid steer pilot controls
Operators who prefer pilot controls now have the option to use them with four of New Holland’s largest skid steer models – the L170, L180, L185 and L190 – and all of its compact track loaders. The company designed its hydraulic pilot controls to provide maximum control with minimum effort. The left joystick controls steering and travel while the right joystick controls lift arm and attachment tilt. Included with the pilot controls are long, contoured, adjustable armrests for forearm support.

11-percent increase in hopper capacity
Terex Cedarapids CR300L Series asphalt pavers bring an 11-percent increase in hopper capacity from previous models, with its 10-ton hopper delivering more paving time between truck exchanges. While the new pavers are longer and include more heavy-duty components, all CR300L Series machines – the rubber tire CR352L, rubber track CR362L and steel track CR362LS – keep the same weight as their previous model counterparts, allowing them to be transported between sites without permits. The asphalt mix is now channeled from the hopper to the spread augers by the same heavy-duty chain, sprocket and slat bar delivery system found on Terex Cedarapids CR400 and CR500 Series mainline pavers.

Pulverize all the way to the curb line
The Roadtec SX-7 soil stabilizer is designed to work in a variety of materials from soil to old pavement. With its right-hand flush cut, the machine pulverizes or stabilizes all the way to the curb line. The 102-inch-wide cut allows three passes on a road at least 24 feet wide. For relatively shallow cuts the cutter is positioned in the housing to provide optimal gradation. As cut depth increases the volume is adjusted in the housing to accommodate for deep stabilization. The machine features four-wheel steer and can be controlled via one or both front wheels, one or both rear-wheels and can also crab sideways. The control console and operator seat swivel 180 degrees and the machine can be operated from the right or left side. Powered by a 700-horsepower Caterpillar engine, the machine features a 21-inch cut depth.

Ripper/bucket combo handles both rocks and hard places
Leading Edge Attachment’s Single Pointed Ripper Bucket’s ripper/bucket combination rips up rock, coral shale, decomposed granite, limestone, sandstone, asphalt or frozen ground. The sides are solid high strength Hardox 400 steel slabs arranged in a ‘V’ shape. These plates converge at the bottom and are connected to a structural member that holds a single replaceable tooth. The tip radius is shorter than the standard bucket to keep the breakout forces high, but is long enough to form a ‘V’ shape that is structurally sound for ripping and prying.

One truck, many possibilities
Marrel’s hook lifts reduce the cycle time in loading and unloading, and allows one truck to be used for multiple tasks. Operated from inside the truck, the Ampliroll provides maneuverability up to 60 degrees and allows you to use many attachments.

Auger, conveyor drives use sonic sensors for precise material handling
Ingersoll Rand introduces the PF-6110 track-mounted paver, part of a highway-class paver series designed to provide greater control of material flow. The auger system is now independent of the conveyor system. Each of the two auger and conveyor drives uses sonic sensors for more precise handling of material. Reversible augers and conveyors are available as optional equipment. Hopper capacity for the series is 14.4 tons, giving each paver a production rate of 820 tons per hour. A 205-horsepower Cummins Tier 3 engine powers the PF-6110 . It has a paving speed of 246 feet per minute and a travel speed of 11.4 miles per hour. The machine includes a 30-kilowatt generator with four 110-volt outlets.

Tailgate available for smooth-sided dump trailer
East Manufacturing’s Genesis smooth-sided dump trailers are now available with an advanced smooth-walled Genesis tailgate. The tailgate feature the strength and durability of the traditional sheet-and-post design, with a smooth surface that leaves no places for dirt, mud, snow and ice to build up. The Genesis sidewall panels are offset about 2 inches inboard of the top and bottom rails and the front and rear posts. The tailgate is interchangeable with existing external-braced tailgate hardwareand has walls built with 2-inch-thick double-wall aluminum extrusions, robotically welded together. Thicker aluminum walls are available as an option for abusive loads. All tailgate options, such as coal/grain doors, are available on the advanced inboard tailgate.

Track pads available for industrial mulcher
Fecon now offers an assortment of track pads for its FTX440 industrial mulcher. The pads range from 24 to 36 inches in width with single, double and triple grouser versions. The various types of track pads are available to accommodate low ground disturbance, steep or swamp-like terrain and low ground pressure applications. The FTX440 is designed for land clearing, wildlife habitat improvement, firebreaks and pasture restoration.

Traction cleats built for side-hill stability, exceptional control
Loegering Manufacturing’s Z-Track system is designed to deliver enhanced traction, side-hill stability and easy installation. The hammer-forged steel traction cleats are wear resistant and the tracks are designed to offer a smooth ride and reduce operator fatigue. The traction cleats are self-cleaning and give skid-steer control. Each component of the Z-Track is individually hardened for longevity and dependability in any aggressive condition.

Crane body provides strength, variety of features
Auto Crane’s Titan 70 crane body can support up to 70,000 feet per pound. Using an exclusive one-piece side pack and a unique internal hinge design, the Titan 70 is built to provide strength and corrosion resistance, the company says. The body comes standard with LED lights, advanced T-handle door latches and a tailgate that can be operated with one hand. Radius corners and double-panel doors also add to the strength of the Titan crane body.

Fit vibratory platform with either wheels or plates
MBW’s Universal Vibratory Platform can be fitted with an assortment of vibratory wheels or vibratory plates, depending on soil type and work area constraints. The boom-mounted platform couples vibration and down pressure, the unit can handle a full range of soil types. Additionally, plates and wheels can be quickly interchanged on site to deal with changing work area constraints and compaction conditions. Vibratory plate and wheel options for the Universal Plate are available in 24- and 36-inch working widths.

Indicator system incorporates wireless and hardwired sensors
Hirschmann Automation and Control’s PRS 40 EZ indicator system’s open-ended design gives crane owners a great deal of flexibility. It is designed to incorporate wireless and hardwired sensors and can be set up to monitor inputs from a single sensor or combinations of sensors such as load, angle and wind speed. The operator can pre-set limits on each of the sensors with an audible and visual warning when the limits are reached. In addition, the system can also be set up to warn operators in the case of an impending two-block condition. The system incorporates reliable and proven sensor technology with an operating range of up to 1,000 feet.