Inventor producing TESlite lead in his garage

Dan Sullivan is positive every mechanic needs a TESlite lead. The product, which he invented, patented and now produces, is a device that corrects a flaw in digital voltmeters that allows them to give normal voltage readings even when current flow is disturbed by corrosion or water.

“This particular invention makes up for an inherent weakness that most people don’t know exists,” Sullivan said. “The TESlite lead allows a standard digital voltmeter to identify corrosive faults in circuits that the voltmeter can’t see.”

An experienced mechanic, electrical trouble-shooting instructor and inventor, Sullivan is proud of his product, and the homegrown approach to his company, Sullivan Training Solutions.

The story behind the invention and the manufacture of the TESlite lead is anything but usual. Sullivan, who came up with the idea for the circuit in his sleep, now produces the product in his garage, along with several of his technicians. His company is optimistic about growth and marketing.

“Since we started production, the number we have sold is rising with little or no advertising,” Sullivan said. “Customers can now check out our website, conduct a voltmeter test online and download an order form. We are now discussing plans with companies about expanding the marketing of our product.”

The product is available for $40, and includes the lead, instructions, a copy of Sullivan’s Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting textbook and toll free technical support. Customers can expect to receive their TESlite lead about two weeks after placing their order. Only checks are accepted.

“It’s a great deal, but don’t call the technical support line in the middle of the night,” Sullivan jokes. “At this point, I’m the one answering the phone, and we aren’t quite a 24-7 operation!”

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