The New High-Capacity Multi-Ripper BucketÂť For Quarries

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. introduces the new style High-CapacityÂť Multi-Ripper Bucket for quarries and mining operations. The High-Capacity Multi-Ripper Bucket works on the same principal as the award winning Multi-Ripper and the standard Multi-Ripper Bucket, except it allows more capacity. The performance of this style bucket exceeds all other designs of rock, Vee-trenching, or ripper bucket combinations. The High-Capacity Multi-Ripper Bucket is the highest quality and most productive ripper bucket combination available on the market, and has patents pending worldwide. The model shown in the picture is for a Caterpillar 385 excavator.


The High-Capacity Multi-Ripper Bucket utilizes the patent pending SHARCÂť (Shanks on an ARC) Technology, meaning that the bucket functions similarly to that of a trencher except it uses the hydraulic excavator rolling action to rip. The staggered ripper teeth fracture the substrate in sequential order. No two ripper teeth align with each other, so that the maximum breakout force is applied sequentially to each tooth. The distance from the excavator stick pivot to the tooth tips is also shorter than the standard bucket for the machine. The shorter distance actually multiplies the tooth tip force. The rolling of the Multi-Ripper Bucket, by extending the bucket cylinder, always provides the full multiplied breakout force individually on each tooth so that the substrate is ripped out by each individual tooth lifting action. The result is a relatively flat ripped bottom surface due to the fact that the ripper tooth tips all lie on a constant radius with a center of rotation that is close to the excavator bucket pivot.


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