New generation tire in 33-, 35- and 49-inch sizes for mining, construction, quarry sites

GREENVILLE, S.C., (June 28, 2010) – The new MICHELIN X-TRACTION tire from Michelin Earthmover Tires will be available July 1 for the North American market. The E4 tire is designed for earthmover transport equipment operating in rocky terrain. Beyond the initial 27.00R49 size now being introduced to North America, additional sizes of the X-TRACTION tire will be available: 24.00R35 (September 2010); 21.00R33 and 18.00R33 (2011).

The MICHELIN X-TRACTION tire was originally available in 2004 outside North America for large mining trucks, and, as of July 1, 2010, will be available in North America for 100-ton mining and infrastructure trucks using the 49-inch E4 size. With the addition of the 33- and 35-inch sizes, Michelin is bringing to the North American market a new generation of the tire specially designed for smaller rigid dump trucks that operate on public works sites, such as construction and infrastructure sites. The tire will also be seen heavily in quarries, where rigid frame trucks are more often used.

“We’re constantly monitoring the North American market’s tire needs in order to provide the industry with the best possible tire performance for the application,” said Roger Lucas, vice president of sales and marketing, Michelin Earthmover Tires. “Expanding the X-TRACTION tire offering into North America and with additional sizes is a prime example of this commitment. The X-TRACTION tire will provide outstanding performance for rigid frame trucks in a wide variety of applications.”

Rigid frame dump trucks face application challenges that require significant tread life and traction levels, as well as sidewall and tread area damage resistance. To help cope with the demands rigid frame trucks face, Michelin has integrated two new technologies into the new generation of X-TRACTION tires. The first feature is the new Cooling System shoulder design and the second is the C2 Technology casing architecture. Together, these innovations reduce heat build-up, thereby enabling trucks to operate continuously at higher speeds.

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The new tire features a tread that is up to 13 percent deeper, which extends tire life by up to 15 percent. Thicker under tread rubber improves resistance to cuts and impacts. The new MICHELIN X-TRACTION tire also reduces tire costs because it is easier to retread, owing to the robust tread that helps to protect the casing. The X-TRACTION tire’s casing design helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5 percent, saving nearly $4,000 a year in fuel. The fuel saved consequently lowers carbon emissions by an estimated 14.5 tons per year.*

*All comparisons made to the MICHELIN XDT tire.

Dedicated to the improvement of sustainable mobility, Michelin designs, manufactures and sells tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, earthmovers, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles and the space shuttle. The company also publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases. Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Michelin North America (www.michelinearthmover.com) employs 20,900 and operates 18 major manufacturing plants in 16 locations.