Equipment Web Services partners with Omega Lift

Equipment Web Services (EWS), a division of Dominion  has partnered with Omega Lift, a North American manufacturer of rough terrain and multi-directional forklifts, to strengthen manufacturer-to-dealer relationships and increase the web presence of Omega dealers. EWS specializes in web solutions and strategies for the equipment, agricultural, and truck industries.

EWS encourages businesses  exert the same amount of effort in maintaining and reenergizing their websites as they give locations. As an Omega Lift partner, EWS provides its dealer network with unique websites in with comprehensive training and the tools necessary to monitor their success – such as inventory management, lead generation, and lead management.

EWS partnerships have proven to strengthen relationships with manufacturers and dealers while
increasing a dealer’s revenue. In addition, dealer websites gain credibility as EWS complies with both Omega Lift and dealers’ standards. EWS and Omega Lift have a shared goal to assist dealers in being successful.

Jennie Davis, OEM relationship manager of EWS, commented in a written statement, “We are pleased to work with Omega Lift and its dealer network. We believe that our partnership will lead to greater brand awareness which will ultimately translate to the dealers’ bottom line.”

John Baker, sales director of Omega Lift, stated, “Partnering with EWS gives Omega Lift the opportunity to present our brand to a bigger audience with a consistent message, look and feel. I am confident our dealers will generate new sales for their dealerships and for us through our support of the EWS products.”