Holt Cat upgrades rental fleet with eco-friendly generator

Holt Cat, the Caterpillar equipment and engine dealer for South, Central, North and Northeast Texas, has upgraded its rental fleet with an eco-friendly generator that produces 50-percent less emissions.

Caterpillar’s new XQ500 mobile diesel generator features high efficiency, performance, and versatility improvements.


Eco-friendly features ensure this machine exceeds EPA standards. The XQ500’s technology reduces NOx and particulate matter emissions by 45 and 50 percent, respectively, beyond the previous EPA standards. Additional features include a solar powered maintainer that keeps batteries fully charged when the machine is not in use and 100 percent spill containment of engine fluids.


Designed to meet multiple industry needs: industrial, commercial, entertainment, and energy exploration and production.

Simplified control panels allow for auto-configuration capability that eliminates reprogramming time and reduces the potential for errors.


Selectable output voltage provides greater flexibility when moving between job sites with differing voltage needs.

“Our focus is on providing customers with the best power products and services available,” says Tom Barry, Holt Cat rental manager, in a written statement. “For someone in the market to rent a mobile generator, this new product from Caterpillar will provide them with an easy-to-use, high performing, versatile, and environmentally friendly piece of equipment.”