Telvent’s Smart Phone Weather Application Now Available for Android

Telvent’s business-class weather alerting solution now available for multiple leading smart phone platforms

Telvent GIT, S.A., a leading real-time IT solutions and information provider for a sustainable world, announced today that its industry-first, business-class weather application (“app”) for smart phones is now available to Android users, following a successful launch for iPhone earlier this year.

With MxVision Weather Sentry SmartPhone for Android, Telvent enables customers to take their weather service subscription on the road, allowing them to access Telvent’s industry-leading weather forecasting service wherever they are. The app is of particular value to businesses that rely on instant alerting capabilities based on specific locations, warning them of changing conditions critical to their business operations and the safety of their personnel. Based on the GPS position of the user’s phone, the app provides real-time forecasting information about approaching lightning, storm corridors and precipitation. When dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning occurs too close within a predefined radius or when customers move within a storm path, the app utilizes Telvent’s patented alerting technology to provide location-specific warnings, even when the mobile device is hibernating. It also notifies the user through an “all clear” message as soon as business operations can be safely resumed.

The app has proven especially valuable to wind farms, construction sites, outdoor sporting events, and other businesses that rely on the most accurate and accessible weather information available for the specific locations of their dispatched personnel. Because users do not manually need to enter their location, workers on a large wind farm, for example, do not need to update their location every time they move, and university sports teams travelling to an away game will continue to receive important weather updates, such as lightning alerts, just as they do at home games.

According to Telvent’s chairman and CEO, Ignacio Gonzalez, “We take customer demand very seriously. We are proud to expand our successful mobile solution to multiple leading smart phone operating systems to meet that demand, and do so within such a short time of its initial launch. Telvent continues to lead the charge in mobile weather services for business.”

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In addition to the integrated alerting technology, users can easily add and remove layers of relevant real-time weather information, such as real-time lightning, wind speeds and the paths of oncoming storms, with an option to consult online with a staffed meteorologist any time of the day or night.