Fugro’s Vision 2.2 software offers faster pavement management data processing

Vision 2.2 BetterRoads

Fugro Roadware has released its Vision 2.2 software, which offers faster process times for pavement management data, compared to previous versions.

The software allows users to view collected data for the entire road network at once on a built-in map.

Vision 2.2 features distributed processing support and a 64-bit version of the Batch Processor, which are designed to reduce data process times.

The software’s WiseCrax2D identifies potholes, ravelling, curbs, drop-offs and faulting, then colorfully display them, along with their severity levels, on 3D pavement images.

Also available is an “Export to VisiData” option that allows users with large numbers of VisiData installations to implement them in phases.