Convertible high-pressure water jet pump runs at six different pressures
The NLB 125 Series high-pressure water jet pump unit combines a low horsepower engine with the ability to change operating pressures in a matter of minutes. Smaller than other convertible units, the NLB 125 can be towed to jobsites and converted without a manifold change to run at six different pressures, including 6,000, 8,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 24,000 psi. Flows range from 6.5 to 32.5 gpm and users can choose from 115-, 125- or 145-horsepower engines to meet their needs. Both diesel and electric models are available. All units feature conversion kits with few parts, simple maintenance and a 5-minute packing change.

No Idle unit lets operators load or unload with truck engine off
Heavy equipment transporters can help meet anti-idling regulations with Retriever, a truck bed that can load and unload 30,000-pound payloads with the truck’s engine off. The company says the system can reduce idling time by as much as 95 percent, and extend engine life and maintenance intervals on the truck’s emissions system. Retriever’s No Idle System uses the truck’s air system – not hydraulics – for truck bed power. Once the compressor has filled the truck’s tanks, it continues pumping until the 60-gallon No Idle System tank is filled to 120 psi.

Portable bridge system creates single or multiple lanes for jobsite traffic
GME’s modular portable bridge system helps keep traffic and equipment moving on jobsites. Available in 10-foot increments from 20 to 50 feet long, the fully welded structural steel units feature steel decking for maximum durability and each section is 6 feet wide. Two units can join together to form a 12-foot-wide, single-lane structure for vehicles, equipment or foot traffic to proceed over or around the site or impassable area. Form multiple spans for multiple lanes by using the standard length units. Quick and easy installation makes the system useful for short- or medium-term usage. Units load onto a truck with a heavy-duty fork or small crane and users can install the units by using an excavator or small rough terrain crane.

Laser provides up to 27 hours of continuous operation
Topcon Positioning Systems’ RL-VH4G incorporates GreenBeam technology with advanced features for extreme beam brightness. Using the instrument’s scan target, an operator can capture the beam and stretch it up to 180 degrees. This creates a steady line of green laser light that is bright, stable and level. The standard RL-VH4G includes a height adjustable wall mount for ceiling grid installations, a hard shell carrying case, two magnetic ceiling/scan targets and four alkaline batteries. The instrument offers three power options for convenience and flexibility. An optional LS-70 laser sensor designed to work with GreenBeam allows outdoor laser use for long range elevation or alignment control.

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Variable speed breaker technology reduces damaging energy to carrier
Install the Tramac V2500 heavy-range hydraulic breaker from Ingersoll Rand on a variety of carriers for demolition, excavation, rock breaking and trenching applications. The V2500’s variable speed breaker technology reduces the transfer of potentially damaging energy back to the carrier. This technology senses changes in material hardness and automatically adjusts the breaker to the optimal combination of impact energy and striking rate. With an operating weight of 5,555 pounds and an impact energy class of 7,500 foot-pounds, the V2500 features a flow range of 46 to 66 gallons per minute and an operating pressure of 2,248 pounds per square inch. The machine also has an impact frequency range of 300 to 500 blows per minute.

Infrared truck restores cracked asphalt and concrete settling
With its compact cab-over design, the Kasi Patriot delivers the equipment and functionality normally limited to larger infrared asphalt restoration truck systems, but with a much smaller size. Less than 22 feet long, the Patriot offers a large turning radius and a 48-square-foot infrared pavement heater included on one chassis. A timer alerts the user when asphalt reaches the correct temperature. Infrared can be used to replace traditional methods in all types of repairs, including alligator cracking, potholes, utility cuts, settling against concrete walks or barriers and more. The system comes equipped with a 2- or 4-ton asphalt reclaimer, a large tool storage area, a compactor compartment and a dumping waste bin. Propane tanks tuck safely under the reclaimer doors.

Trencher reduces backfill time and cleanup
The Kwik-Trench from Little Beaver cuts neat, clean trenches up to 12 inches deep and features carbide-tipped, heat-treated steel teeth for long life. This walk-behind, hand-operated compact trencher can trench from 1 to 4 inches wide, sizes obtained through a variety of teeth style combinations and mounting locations. A built-in slip clutch protects the engine and drive train from wear and damage, while a lockable swivel rear wheel improves maneuverability. Unlike tracked machines and skid-steer loaders, which can cause damage to turf, this trencher has pneumatic tires to reduce impact on turf. Available in four models, the Kwik-Trench offers engine sizes up to 8 horsepower and digging depths of 8 to 12 inches. An integral depth gauge indicates the depth of the trench as it is cut.

Rough terrain scissors powered by gas or diesel
Powered by either a Kubota DF752 dual-fuel engine or a Kubota D1105 diesel engine, the three rough terrain 91 Series scissor lifts from MEC Aerial Work Platforms each feature an oscillating rear axle with 12 inches of ground clearance. Working heights range from 31 feet for the 2591RT, to 39 feet on the 3391RT and 47 feet on the 4191RT. When the 48-inch roll out deck fully extends, the platform measures 180 inches in length by 91 inches in width. Platform capacities vary from 2,000 pounds on the 2591RT, to 1,500 pounds of the 3391RT and 1,000 pounds on the 4191RT. All three models also feature a lift-up door for maintenance access.

Compact site prep tractor offers maneuverability
With a short wheelbase and a tight turning radius, the 190 HP Prentice 2664 compact site preparation tractor maneuvers easily when clearing around structures or landscaping. A Cummins QSB 6.7-liter Tier 3 engine with a large cooling system powers the 2664, and enables this multi-purpose tool carrier to run mulchers, stump grinders and rotary mowers to accomplish a variety of land clearing operations. The load-sensing hydraulic system provides smooth hydraulic power while consuming less fuel. A variable displacement pump and pressure compensating system monitor hydraulic power requirements with priority flow for steering, while also allowing consistent flow to the working end of the tractor. The side-by-side radiator, hydraulic and charge air coolers keep everything cool in temperatures up to 115 degrees.

Silt-fence installer attachment has four mounting options
The Bobcat silt-fence installer attachment works with Bobcat skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, the A300 all-wheel steer loader, compact tractors with up to 100-horsepower and a Class I or Class II three-point hitch. The silt-fence material quickly threads under a rod and through the chute on the blade. The attachment then lowers into the ground to a maximum depth of 20 inches, and the silt fence unrolls automatically as the operator drives the machine backward. A quick-change cap mounts on the end of the silt-fence holder.

Crusher helps lessen costs on haulage and landfill charges
Red Rhino has launched its 5000 and 7000 series crushers, complete with water-cooled Deutz diesel engines, for recycling building waste into a re-useable and re-saleable aggregate. The 7000 series recycler features a 67-horsepower engine, while a 30-horsepower engine powers the 5000 series recycler. The crushers offer low noise and low exhaust emissions, along with economical fuel consumption. Options include a conveyor-mounted screener for the separation of dust and topsoil, an expandable track chassis and an anti-theft engine immobilizer with either a keypad or key fob.