New E-bikes reach speeds of nearly 30 mph
| April 26, 2013

Media professionals test the Turbo bikes at the North American release.

Specialized Bicycles, based in Morgan Hill, California, has developed a new kind of E-bike that can reach speeds of 27.9 mph, according to

Specialized dealers in the United States have begun selling the Turbo, the electric assisted bicycle. The bike has been available in Europe for nearly a year.

The Turbo–powered by a 250-watt rear hub electric motor and 36-volt battery pack that recharges in about 2.5 hours–features a frame integrated with LED head and tail lights, regenerative breaking, a backlit display that monitors speed, distance, time and charge and assistance level.

The bike costs about $6,000.

Check out to watch a video of KTVU staff and other media members testing the bike.

For more information about the Turbo E-bike, visit

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