Product Focus: Trailers – March 2009


Make loading and unloading a one-man operation with Trail King’s Advantage Series hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailer.
· Features self-lifting hydraulic cylinders
· Has non-ground bearing design and V-shaped alignment
· Available in 35-, 40- and 55-ton capacities.


Hydraulically raise and lower the 74-inch-by-16-foot load carrying platform on Advance Metalworking’s Lo Riser trailer with the flip of a switch.
· Built-in ramp enables smooth drive-on access
· Minimum 4-degree angle accommodates reduced gradeability equipment
· Offers 4-to-1 payload to trailer weight ratio.


Towmaster’s perimeter frame trailer is available in two lengths – the 48-foot T-70PFHTH and the 53-foot T-70PFHTL.
· Choose from hydraulic or fixed deck option
· Hydraulic folding tail design features traction aid and low load angle
· Tie-downs are located every 12 inches with stake pockets every 24 inches.


Improve trailer stability with Jet’s side dump trailer, which features an inverted trunnion mounted cylinder that reduces tub acceleration at the end of the dumping cycle.
· No internal tub divider ensures clean out and load length capacity
· Bushing design eliminates maintenance on tub and cylinder pivots
· Air ride suspension reduces wear and tear.


Haul large equipment with Globe Trailers’ Model GTBN553-51-24-HGG 55-ton, 3-axle, detachable gooseneck non-ground bearing lowboy.
· 110,000-pound maximum payload in 12-foot load concentration
· Features cushion air ride yoke mount suspension and +/- 3 air ride adjustment
· Has 26-inch double hinged front loading flip ramps with grousers.


Operate three hydraulic operations with one control with Landoll’s 900 Traveling Tail.
· No hydraulic lines, hinges or pins behind the tail to maintain
· Four-beam positive cambered frame
· Undercarriage supports the tail section for improved payload capacity.


Trail-Eze’s TE70XT has a low loading angle and has axles in the same location as the company’s previous model hydraulic tail trailer.
· Load small tire equipment as easily as larger equipment
· Eliminate worry over axle alignment
· Reduce parts wear-out.


Choose from lengths from 24 to 39 feet with Clement Industries’ ADW aluminum end dump.
· Double-wall frameless design with Uni-beam body construction
· Subframe constructed with huck-bolts rather than welding
· Wide-angle draft arms minimize turnover risk.


Bri-Mar’s line of deckover equipment haulers includes the EH824-24, with a 14,000-pound GVWR, and the EH824-16, with a GVWR of 16,000 pounds.
· Has a 24-foot bed length made up of a 20-foot flat deck and a 4-foot dovetail
· Features heavy duty 6-inch tube mainframe and 3-inch channel crossmembers
· Treated 2- by 8-inch decking ensures long-term reliability.


Haul equipment with low ground clearance requirements with TrailMax Trailers’ FWTD-70-TA traveling axle trailer, which features a 6-degree load angle.
· 70,000-pound distributed capacity, 50,000-pound concentrated in 10-foot space
· Hydraulic system requires no moving hoses
· Standard 20,000-pound hydraulic planetary winch.