The case for condition-based maintenance

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Contractors need to take a sharp look at how they approach maintenance, and consider using the condition-based maintenance approach, John Deere’s Diego Navarro told the 2009 Chevron Global Lubricants Construction Symposium, held Feb. 16-18 in San Antonio.

“Using the condition-based maintenance approach will allow you become more predictive, eliminate root causes and extend the life of your machine,” said Navarro. And it saves money. “We’ve found that using this approach costs you half the amount a reactive approach – or just repairing after failure – will cost you.” And if you can smell or see the problem, you’ve waited much too late for conditioned-based maintenance.

Navarro advises to take the CBM approach one step at a time. One first step is to really examine your oil analysis reports. “There’s a lot of power there, but you need to know how to use it.”

A link to Navarro’s power point presentation made during the symposium is at the beginning of this post.