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Hammer helps Catawba Island Club break par
Irons are a big part of anyone’s golf game. And, at the Catawba Island Club located on the shores of Lake Erie in Port Clinton, Ohio, the Model G88 hydraulic impact hammer came up big as an “iron” in the development of the property.

The Catawba Island Club was a project that began in the early 1980s. It started out as a 9-hole golf course and soon a marina, clubhouse, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and condos were all made a part of the complex.

Jim Stouffer, current owner, needed to sell the condos in order to support the funding of the CIC Golf Course projects. In particular, they wanted to expand the 9-hole golf course into an 18-hole golf course. Each hole had a price of approximately $100,000 per hole.

The family-owned CIC Golf Course wanted to build the additional 9 holes on the opposite side of Northwest Catawba Road from their clubhouse. With the majority of the CIC Golf Course amenities on the lakeside of Catawba Road, crossing Catawba Road would become hazardous.

As a result, an underground tunnel would need to be constructed for golf carts to cross underneath Catawba Road, built wide enough for two golf carts to pass.

Ken Gill Construction, a family-owned and operated marine/excavating contractor, received the contract for the project. The Port Clinton area is rich with some of the hardest limestone rock. Using the Rammer Model G 88 hydraulic impact hammer from Allied Construction Products mounted on a Volvo 290B carrier, the company hammered out the limestone rock to create the initial formation of the tunnel.

The complexities of the project involved cutting asphalt, moving a water line, digging/hammering the tunnel, pouring the foundation, pre-casting the u-shaped tunnel, back-filling and working on the entrance/exit points. In addition to the work performed by the G 88 on the initial formation of the tunnel, it was used to chip away the limestone to create the entrance/exit points.

Up to three days were scheduled for the hammer/excavator combo to perform its part of the project, but the work was completed in just one day in approximately 10 hours. Gill also owns other Rammer hydraulic hammers from including a S 21 and a E 68.

According to Dave Gill, with Ken Gill Construction, the hammer “was hitting so hard you could feel the ground shaking.”

Catawba Island Club Golf Course’s Jim Stouffer was pleased with the completion of the project and the performance of Ken Gill Construction. And, although you won’t find any golfers playing through with a Model G 88, they certainly are enjoying the benefits of the G 88 iron as they pass through the tunnel on their way to the next hole.

Broom suitable for variety of machines
MB Companies’ Model HL broom fits skid steers, compact wheel loaders and tractor loaders with a 12-gpm minimum. The 32-inch-diameter Model HL is available in 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-foot widths, and features a four-point self centering swing system.

Postmaster drives 60 posts per hour
Drive wood or steel posts up to 14 feet tall with Danuser’s Postmaster, which has no springs, cylinders or return lines. The Postmaster drives up to 60 3- to 8-inch-diameter posts per hour, and features a grapple option that picks up the post from the ground without additional hydraulics or controls. A tilt option tilts to 19 degrees in each direction.

Perform range of applications with mulching attachment
Available for low and high flow carriers, FAE’s UML/SSL skid steer mulcher is useful for a range of applications including right-of-way maintenance, land clearing, stump grinding and soil stabilization.

Tackle muddy conditions with bar tracks
Increase traction and maximize flotation with Grouser’s F Series over-the-tracks bar tracks. The self-cleaning design allows mud and clay to fall away from the bars, and the open side plate enables simplified cleaning of the pivot area. The tracks feature 2-inch-wide bars, deep traction bars for track-to-tire grip and an improved sidewall design for heavy-duty tires. Hardened 1 /-inch field-replaceable bushings ensure durability.

Versatile box blade fits any skid steer
Double D’s SS Series box blade, available in 6- or 8-foot widths, features standard GPS or laser mounting brackets and fits any skid steer. Dual grader blades grade in forward and reverse, and the rear facing grader blade enables finish grading in reverse. The side cutter blades are adjustable and replaceable. The box blade can use a single or dual mast electronic grading system.

Hydraulic breaker features extra long stroke design
Work in tight conditions with BTI’s BXR160 16,000-foot-pound breaker, which features a narrow box housing design. The BXR160 has a long stroke design to improve the power-to-weight ratio, and a front head restraint system that reduces loading to the tie roads and the upper portion of the breaker. The BXR160 has a 12,000-pound working weight, an 8-inch tool diameter and is suited for carriers in the 120,000- to 220,000-pound range.

Quickly reduce vegetation to ground level with mulching head
Perform high production applications with Loftness Attachments’ KwikAx mulching head, which is available in 53-, 63-, 73- and 83-inch cutting widths. The mulching head has a low power requirement that enables the KwikAx to operate on as little as 39 horsepower. Featuring a downward front rotation, the KwikAx provides an aggressive feed rate for reducing vegetation to ground level.

Choose your size with breaker line
UB Equipment has redesigned their 8,000- and 11,000-foot-pound breakers, which now deliver a minimum of 10 percent more power than previous models. The company’s line of breakers includes 13 models for all size carriers, including the newest model – a 13,500-foot-pound breaker for excavators in the 70- to 80-metric-ton size class.

Leave the dirt on the ground with tine grapple
Move rocks, brush, wood, metal and other materials while leaving the dirt on the ground with Worksaver’s LPTG-72 low profile tine grapple for skid steers. Available in 78- and 84-inch lengths, the LPTG-72 has 5 1/2-inch tine spacing and cylinder guard to protect the cylinders and components.

New mulcher teeth make quick work of hardwoods
Match your work tool to your application with Caterpillar’s HM315 mulcher, which is available with either carbide or chisel teeth in a helical cutting tooth arrangement. The new chisel tooth enables the mulcher to handle a range of material including vines, softwoods and hardwoods such as hickory. The mulchers are designed to work with Caterpillar skid-steer loaders, multi-terrain loaders or compact track loaders equipped with XPS auxiliary flow and pressure.

Downsize stumps prior to grinding with dual pivot shear
Pull tree stumps from the ground and split them before grinding with Vail Products’ Models 4050 and 5500 Stump Shear, which features a dual pivot design. Designed for excavators in the 55,000- to 100,000-pound size range, the Model 5500 has a 9-foot 8-inch mouth opening and 4-foot 6-inch throat. Both models have high strength steel and welded construction with replaceable cutting edges and bushings.

Place material in ditches or over curbs with conveyor attachment
Deliver materials to hard-to-reach locations such as ditches with the Hydraulic Truck Conveyor, which attaches to a variety of vehicles. A 4-foot extension attachment folds up easily for travel from one location to another.

Screening buckets suitable for use in variety of materials
Separate fine from coarse material without crushing bigger particles into the material with Remu’s screening bucket, which also handles rocky or wet materials. The bucket’s structure features rotating discs, blades and cleaning scrapers, ensuring the units are well-suited for use in materials with a high clay content. The buckets can reach a production capacity of 300 cubic yards per hour.

Hydraulic hammer features easy serviceability
Experience lower owning and operating costs with Caterpillar’s H65D S Flat Top hydraulic hammer, which has a simplified design for improved serviceability. A low profile fully enclosed housing protects the power cell and eliminates tie rods and nuts. The hammer delivers 700 foot-pounds of energy and 2,000 blows per minute, and fits Cat 416E, 420E and 430E backhoe loaders, as well as 304C CR, 305C CR, 307C and 308C CR mini-hydraulic excavators.

Track system quickly converts skid steer into track loader
Turn your skid-steer loader into a track loader in less than an hour with the Versatile Track System from Loegering. The complete rubber track undercarriage bolts directly to the skid steer’s standard hubs, providing bi-directional suspension that adjusts independently from one side of the machine to the other. The track system maximizes the track’s footprint, evening distributing horsepower and improving the machine’s stability on uneven terrain.

Mulch efficiently with IronWolf attachment
Handle tough mulching jobs including trees, brush and stumps with IronWolf’s mulcher attachment. Available in widths from 6 to 11 feet, the mulcher is useful for land clearing and reclamation, right-of-way clearing and maintenance and site preparation. Each model installs on a range of crawler-tractors.

Brush cutter has heavy duty features for improved performance
Cut 6-inch trees and heavy grass with no bunching under the deck with Atco’s Blue Diamond extreme brush cutter. The brush cutter features a direct drive motor that connects by spline shaft to a 2 5/8-inch drive shaft and oversized tapered bearings submerged in oil. The 4-blade hub now connects to the shaft by a 13-inch-diameter 1-inch-thick flange.

Custom fit grapple to carrier
Ryan’s Equipment’s Model 4860 bypass grapple is designed for midsize and large skid steers. The grapple has a 60-inch opening and 360-degree continuous rotation. The 4860 also comes standard with a quick connect plate, or can be custom fit for the carrier.

Work easily in soft or wet terrain with pontoons
Avoid working on mats and barges with Wetland Equipment’s amphibious pontoons, which have a 25-percent reserve flotation factor. Featuring a long-reach excavator with 32-foot-long, 5-foot-wide, 5-foot-4-inch-high pontoons, the amphibious excavator fits on a standard 8-foot lowboy with outriggers. An optional 350-gallon fuel tank is available.

Orange peel grapples available in 4- or 5-tine models
Handle scrap metal, recycled material, shredded material and unstacked shortwood logs with Rotobec’s orange peel grapples. The grapples feature sealed oversized pins and bushings, high-pressure cylinders with durable guarding and mechanical stoppers in both fully opened and fully closed positions. Available in various sizes with 4 or 5 tines or an integrated magnet, the grapples can be installed on excavators, knuckleboom loaders and material handling machines.

Simplify mulching with forestry loader attachment
Tackle tough brush with ASV’s HD7460B mulcher attachment combined with the PT-100 forestry loader, which features a sealed and pressurized cab, dual pressurization filters and full forestry guarding. The unit simplifies right-of-way maintenance and forest management.

Grading box available in five widths
Use Apache, Leica, Trimble or Topcon laser controls with ATI’s Level Best grading box, which is fully automatic and uses electric power. The system grades to 1/8-inch accuracy in elevation and is available in five widths from 48 to 72 inches. The grading box has a bolt-on reversible cutting edge and flatproof flotation tires.

Berm grinder features offset design and low profile
Grind down curbs without touching the gutter with Coneqteq/Universal’s Berm Grinder, which enables berm removal while leaving the guardrail intact. A center pivot design places the skid steer’s downforce directly over the low profile cutting drum. Available in electric or hydraulic controls, the berm grinder’s side shift allows the cutting drum to reach under obstructions such as guardrails, and retract to a compact transport width.

Over-the-tire track minimizes ground disturbance
Solideal’s Over-the-Tire rubber track installs on a skid steer in 30 minutes, allowing the operator to experience the flotation and traction of a track loader. The OTT track minimizes ground disturbance and enables work on soft ground without sinking, and won’t scuff or chip concrete sidewalks.

Quarry forks designed for range of carriers
Remove stones of all sizes with SAS Forks’ quarry forks, available in several different models to fit machines from 20,000 to 200,000 pounds. The forks feature a durable carriage design for long life, and high tensile steel T brackets prevent the forks from breaking at the bend.

Rip through rock with bucket’s SHARC technology
Trench and dig through rock without trenchers, blasting or hammers with Leading Edge Attachments’ Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper bucket, available for 120-metric-ton class excavators. The buckets feature SHARC (staggered shanks on an arc) technology to increase breakout force, and the bucket sides are made of 3-inch-thick Swedish Hardox 400 steel.

Simplify trench compaction with wheel
Quickly and efficiently compact dirt in trenches with M.C. Faulkner and Sons’ compaction wheel. The wheel features a custom front lip that moves dirt easily and tips up out of the way during compaction, and broad based feet to increase soil and compaction density.
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Increase volume with large scraper
Experience high volume with K-Tec’s scrapers, which have 28 inches of ground-to-blade clearance. K-Tec scrapers have large gate openings, high flotation and fast ejector times. The scrapers also feature greaseless bushings and Hardox steel construction.

Increase traction on 1-ton and larger pickups
Improve traction on your truck with Mattracks’ Model 200 series track conversion system. The 18-inch-wide rubber track delivers enhanced traction with low ground pressure, improves fuel economy and minimizes heat buildup.

Mulching head clears variety of material
Grind stumps and cut brush and standing trees in one pass with ProGrind’s Series 50 grinding head, which has a 50-by-26-inch smooth drum head, fixed carbide teeth and a 440-horsepower Caterpillar engine. The ProHead is useful for clearing low-lying limbs, ditch lines, creek banks, fence lines and locations where a conventional mower cannot be used.

Compacting plate features mechanic or hydraulic system
Allu’s VP Compacting Plate is designed for use with excavators and backhoes, and features plate coverage from 2 to 14 square feet. Available in five models, the VP Compacting Plate delivers up to 22,000 pounds of vibrating force. The VP has a mechanic or hydraulic rotating system – the mechanic rotates the plate 2 by 90 degrees and the hydraulic rotates the plate 360 degrees.

Pack slopes with excavator attachment
Eliminate packing slopes by using a crawler tractor with Rockland’s Thompson Slope Packer, which enables the operator to pack slopes on any grade with an excavator. The Slope Packer packs next to obstacles and silt fences with no damage. The Slope Packer has a self-cleaning design and is available in 4-, 6- and 8-foot widths.

Choose light or heavy duty model with packer
Handy Hitch’s 12-wheel Water Ballast Packer features a 210-cubic-foot capacity and is available in light and heavy duty models. The model WBP12 has a 7-foot 6-inch packing width and weighs 18,454 pounds when filled with water. The tank lid comes with a ventable filler plug and bottom discharge.

Make quick work of demolition debris with grapple
Handle a variety of debris including brush and rocks with Werk-Brau’s box-design demolition grapple, available in a range of widths. Manufactured for all makes and models of excavators, the box-design grapple is made of high-strength steel in rigid and hydraulic models. A single grapple can be used with a bucket, or dual grapples are available.

New breaker in 1,000-foot-pound impact energy class
Break concrete and perform general demolition work with Bobcat’s HB2380 hydraulic breaker, designed for use with Bobcat large-frame loaders and the 442 ZTS compact excavator. The HB2380 delivers 600 to 950 blows per minute and has a 19.8- to 33-gallon per minute hydraulic flow range. The breaker’s design has few moving parts to reduce overall service time.

Tackle deep roots with stump mill
Sneller’s Stump Mill attaches to any excavator with no modifications and is available in 170- and 275-horsepower models. The stump mill’s cutting wheel and teeth can grind up to six acres per day.

Simplify cleanup with angle broom
Clean up dirt, snow, sand, leaves, wood chips and other light debris quickly with CE Attachments’ Edge angle broom. Available in 60- to 96-inch widths, the broom features a 32-inch-diameter single or dual motor direct drive brush, 50/50 poly/wire combo material and a 120-degree brush hood for protection against flying debris. A dust control kit is available for the 72-, 84- and 96-inch models.