Product Focus: Pull-behind scrapers

Scraper cuts roads 2 inches deep and eliminates washboards
Maintain haul roads, perform final grades on construction projects and compact and shape fill areas with Double D Manufacturing’s Grade King Series leveling scrapers. Available in widths from 10 to 16 feet, the scraper can be towed behind either rubber-tired or track-type tractors. A cutting bar equipped with carbide steel teeth cuts roads 2 inches deep while eliminating washboards. Standard features include a detachable tongue, rear hitch brackets, laser rack brackets and folding rear wheels that allow an 8-foot 3-inch width.

Increase volume per hour with large scraper
Eliminate mud buildup with K-Tec’s 1233 scraper, which has a 6-inch frame clearance. The 1233 also has an 80-inch gate opening and 28 inches of ground-to-blade clearance. The scraper features a 14-foot cutting width, fast ejector times and greaseless bushings. Constructed from Hardox steel, the 1233 comes equipped with a laser bracket mount, accumulator and push block. Optional features include 6-, 7- and 8-foot long frost bits and wrap-around mud scrapers.

Make 90-degree turns with scraper’s trunnion-style hitch
Choose from 4-, 5- or 6-foot cutting widths with Hoelscher’s DB Series towable dirt scraper. Designed for 35- to 50-horsepower tractors, the DB Series carries up to 13⁄4 cubic yards. The scraper features a trunnion-style hitch mounted to the lower arms of the tractor’s three-point hitch, which allows for 90-degree turns with 30 degrees of oscillation.

Complete variety of jobs with box scraper
Perform site drainage contouring, grounds preparation, lane maintenance and snow removal applications with the Woods Gannon heavy-duty SR30 box scraper from Woods Equipment. Designed for 45- to 70-horsepower tractors, the SR30 has an 84-inch-wide box that handles up to 25 cubic feet of material. The scraper features a retractable scarifier bar, which the operator controls from the tractor seat.

Scraper’s controls enable easy steering in tough conditions
Easily control the depth of cut, front ejection dumping and leveling with the synchronized hydraulics system on Leon’s Manufacturing’s scraper. The scraper has a three-piece replaceable cutting edge with a center frost blade, which thrusts dirt upward into the bucket. A heavy-duty ball-type steering control enables unrestricted steering control in hard pulling conditions.

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Scraper’s ejector bowl prevents dirt from collecting
Unload sticky material easily with Miskin’s E-20 scraper, which features a push-off ejector bowl that cleans its own floor and sides during ejection. The 20-yard-capacity E-20 has Miskin’s CushionRide suspension that allows high-speed travel and protects the scraper in rough terrain. The scraper’s easy-access grease banks and replaceable bushings enable simple maintenance. The E-20 also features a larger hitch, bigger pins and a heavier build than previous models.

Electronic reference system enables precise control
Precisely control the cutting depth and front load gate with Icon Industries in-cab electronic reference system, a standard feature on the 821 pull-type scraper. The scraper has a 21-cubic yard capacity and a transport width of less than 12 feet. Additional features include a quick-attach 360-degree cast hitch, 4,000-psi hydraulic hoses, a swingwall for rapid eject, hydraulic disc brakes, hydraulic gate and wall operation and a double-wall high-tensile steel design.

Prevent build-up with scraper’s 22-inch clearance
Use a rubber-tracked or wheeled tractor with Ashland’s CS18-HD carry-all scraper. The scraper has an 18-cubic-yard capacity and a long rolling radius for improved flotation. An elevated 16-inch-diameter, 7⁄8-inch-thick pipe allows a 22-inch clearance between the front section and the ground, preventing buildup and drag of loose material. The four tires are set away from the bowl to allow dirt to flow through to the ground, preventing plugging or skidding.

Work with variety of materials with changeable cutting edge sections
Choose from carry-all and ejector styles with John Deere’s 10 scraper models, available in capacities from 15 to 21 yards. Standard features include quick attach front and rear hitches, ORFS hydraulic connections and components, optimum edge and floor angles and four to six tire designs for reduced ground pressure. Change cutting edge sections depending on the loading material, and choose from top-, direct-, auto- or push-load.

Scraper available with range of attachments
Choose from 6-, 7- and 8-foot widths with Double D’s new Tuff-Man Series commercial leveling scraper. Available with a variety of attachments including a 12-inch smooth drum roller, the Tuff-Man Series requires horsepower ranging from 35 to 115. The scraper comes standard with a removable tongue assembly, jack assembly, towing chains, adjustable front hitch, laser or GPS adapter plate, independent rear wheel assembly and a rear hitch adapter.