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Product Focus: Theft deterrents

Lock up a variety of equipment
Secure all types of equipment with Equipment Lock’s anti-theft devices for heavy equipment, trucks and trailers. The devices mechanically lock the machine’s drive controls so the equipment cannot be driven, even with a key. Made of hardened steel, the locking devices use barrel style keys or changeable combination locks. Available anti-theft devices include skid steer, attachment, backhoe, excavator, ball and ring hitch, cargo door and heavy duty wheel locks.

Keep an eye on equipment via website with monitoring unit
Minimize the potential for theft with Ayantra’s MAT 302ER, a wireless monitoring unit that delivers asset location reports, as well as maintenance reminders, usage information and history logs. The company provides a website for users to access reports and alerts, which can be sent as SMS messages to cell phones, or as e-mail messages. A Live Track feature allows the user to automatically track any asset for a one-hour period, with location reports provided every five minutes.

Theft prevention kit helps contractors keep equipment secure
Target equipment theft with Vista Training’s new theft and vandalism prevention kit. Developed in collaboration with Case, CNA Insurance and the National Utility Contractor’s Association, the kit includes a 20-minute video on theft avoidance and a 10-minute video on vandalism prevention. The training package also includes an instructor’s guide, laminated wallet cards with anti-theft tips, equipment stickers, an equipment serial number log, a disposable camera and 4-inch stencils to paint identifiers on equipment.

Web-based management system tracks all assets
Manage your assets with ToolWatch Enterprise, a comprehensive construction resource management system from ToolWatch. The system stores information on tools, equipment, materials and consumables in a centralized database to allow a number of authorized users to access the Web-based system and retrieve information. Flexible permission levels based on job functions enables clients to assign appropriate access for each user.

Locate stolen equipment with radio frequency technology
Increase your chances for recovering stolen equipment with LoJack’s Ruggedized System, a recovery solution designed specifically for construction equipment. Using radio frequency technology, the company works with law enforcement agencies to install police tracking computers in police vehicles, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for use in recovering stolen equipment.

Decrease theft risk with monitoring system
Improve your asset management with the GlobalTRACS equipment management system, Qualcomm’s system for monitoring equipment usage, location and critical health data. GlobalTRACS creates virtual fences around the equipment with an automatic alert if the equipment is moved, and curfew security alerts notify you if the engine is started after pre-defined work hours. Customer service and support staff can assist in monitoring and locating equipment 24/7.

Equipment registration simplifies recovery
Reduce your insurance deductible by registering with the National Equipment Register, a database of stolen heavy equipment coordinated with equipment owners, insurance companies and law enforcement officials. Protect yourself in two ways with HELPtech, an equipment marking, registration and recovery service that can save as much as $10,000 on an insurance deductible, and IronCheck, a pre-purchase search against NER’s database of stolen construction equipment.