Product Focus: Chippers, shredders, mulchers and grinders

Chipper’s redesigned pivot eliminates yoke swing
Chip material faster with Morbark’s Typhoon 20 brush chipper, which offers a choice of 250 or 325 horsepower. The Typhoon 20 has a 20-inch capacity, 28 1/2-inch-wide drum and feed wheels, a 4-by-8-inch center beam and a 66 1/2-by- 40 1/2-inch infeed chute. The chipper features a redesigned pivot that eliminates the yoke swing and increases down pressure efficiency. The Typhoon 20 comes with a 2 1/2-inch lunet ring, 20,000-pound tandem axle suspension and 3/8-inch chains.

New roller design helps reduce vibration and shock
Process material up to 19 inches in diameter with Vermeer’s BC1800XL brush chipper powered by a 115-, 125- or 140-horsepower John Deere Tier 3-compliant diesel engine. Dual vertical infeed rollers feature a new helical design with spiral cleats positioned at an angle. The cleats hold material against the feed table, reducing vibration and shock. The BC1800XL comes equipped with a 10,000-pound rated capacity axle.

Chipper line offers heavy duty features
Perform a variety of land clearing applications with JP Carlton’s line of wood chippers, which include 9-, 12- and 18-inch models. Form-welded frames, Torflex axle strength and construction grade tires come standard on the chippers. The chippers’ hydraulic system has a single integrated manifold for optimum control and a hand crank swivel discharge enables operators to easily adjust chip flow positioning.

Run chipper longer with large fuel capacity
Run longer without refueling with Rayco’s RC 16.5 drum-style brush chipper with a 50-gallon fuel capacity. The RC 16.5’s Fuel Saver technology automatically decelerates the engine if the feed control bar remains in neutral for 60 seconds. A push-button hydraulic clutch eliminates clutch maintenance and adjustments. The RC 16.5 also has offset feed wheels to avoid material kick up when feeding short lengths of large diameter material.

Chip fibrous materials with Bandit’s hand-fed chipper
Bandit’s Model 1590XP hand-fed chipper features a 37-inch drum that ensures material is cut primarily with the grain of the wood for maximum fuel economy. The 1590XP has an 18-by-20 1/2-inch chipper opening and engine options up to 140 horsepower. The chipper can handle a wide variety of materials, including fibrous materials such as palm waste.

Impact Release System provides choice of modes for customized grinding
Process large material such as tree stumps with Peterson’s 5710C high production track grinder. The 5710C features a 1,050-horsepower Caterpillar C27 engine and has a 60-by-44-inch feed opening. The grinder’s Impact Release System has a detent mode for consistent product sizing and a floating anvil mode for primary reduction when accurate sizing is less important. Customize grate configurations with the grinder’s quick-change multiple grate system, which produces a variety of finished materials.

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Cutter handles trees or brush without changing teeth
Cut and mulch material up to 10 inches in diameter with Loftness’ Carbide Cutter Extreme for reverse platform or bi-directional tractors. The cutter offers up to 160 horsepower and cuts trees or brush with the same teeth. A rotating pivot mechanism allows the head to rotate 120 degrees without affecting PTO angles.

Choose your horsepower with self-powered brush shredder
Sneller’s self-powered brush shredders have rotating drum and stationary teeth for clearing heavy brush and trees. Available in 130 or 275 horsepower, the shredder attaches to an excavator or to Sneller’s Multi-Task carrier.

Trommel features quick change screen drums for high volume screening
Change screens for different applications in as little as 20 minutes with McCloskey’s Model 621 trommel. The Trommel Screener sets up in minutes with no special tools – just put on the site and turn the key. The trommel also features a 180-degree radial conveyor.

Reduce stumps to ground level with ProGrind’s grinding head
Cut brush and standing trees and reduce stumps to ground level with the ProGrind Series 50 grinding head. The grinding head has a 50-by-26-inch smooth drum head, a 350-horsepower Caterpillar power back and fixed carbide teeth. The Series 50 leaves mulch behind for soil stabilization and clears right-of-ways, ditch lines and creek banks in a single pass.

Clear brush and cut trees with rotary ax
Clear brush, cut and mulch 7-inch-diameter trees and cut an 8-foot-wide path with Prentice’s MR-244 Rotary Ax. Suitable for use with Prentice’s site prep tractors, the rotary ax features a containment area that holds material longer for better mulching action.

Grind larger material with industrial horizontal grinder
Grind large stumps, branches, wood pallets or an entire tree with DuraTech’s 9564 industrial horizontal grinder, which has a 40-by-60 1/2-inch feed opening and an HPTO 15 wet clutch. The grinder features a self-cleaning air intake system, 40-degree oscillating unloading conveyor, a 315-cubic-foot hopper capacity and a 950-horsepower Caterpillar engine.

Chip stumps or trees to ground level with new brush cutter chipper for excavators
Chip trees 15 inches in diameter in seconds with Denis Cimaf’s DAH-150E brush cutter chipper for excavators. Designed for excavators 20 tons and larger, the DAH-150E has 21 fixed knives with bolt-on blades, a vibration-reducing chevron tooth pattern and a 57-inch cutting width.

Cut both softwoods and hardwoods with brush cutter for skid steers and track loaders
Handle 6- to 8-inch hardwoods and larger softwoods with Brown Bear’s BC285.5 horizontal drum brush cutter. The BC285.5 has a 67-inch cut width and mounts on skid steers and compact track loaders. The cutter, which is also available in an excavator mount, uses a fixed tooth design with spade type cutters and carbide inserts.

Hydraulic options expands machine choice
A choice of hydraulic motors allows the Seppi Skid Steer Mulchers to be fitted to machines with different hydraulic speed yet still retain the correct rotor speed. The mulchers cut grass and material to 8 inches, feature fixed knife or swinging hammer rotors and offer from 20 to 120 horsepower.

Process trees, large stumps with mulcher
Fecon’s HD7460 brush mulcher handles soft soils and difficult terrain. The mulcher is 74 inches wide and has a 60-inch cutting width. The HD7460 processes trees up to 8 inches thick and stumps up to 12 inches in diameter.

Crawler mulcher’s synchronized interface allows full range of motion
Tackle standing, fallen or piled vegetation with Fecon’s FTX440 crawler mulcher. The FTX440 has a 440-horsepower Caterpillar engine and features a synchronized interface between the mulcher and the crawler, allowing a full range of motion. The FTX440 has a tilt-out rear window, dual joystick control, analog and IQAN digital displays and a swing-out hydraulic cooler.

Forestry mulcher available in two working widths
Mulch standing material up to 8 inches in diameter with FAE’s UML/SSL skid steer mulcher. The mulcher comes in 48- and 57-inch working widths and is compatible with 35-gpm high flow skid steers. The mulcher features a 1-bolt design and a double carbide tip.