Large floating crane lifts pieces of Victoria’s Johnson Street Bridge into place
Kerry Clines | December 25, 2017

The Dynamic Beast used to lift and set rings and counterweights of the new Johnson Street Bridge. Photo: Dynamic Installations Inc.

As a part of the new Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project, the largest crane barge on the west coast of North America, known as the Dynamic Beast, was floated under the existing bridge in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada’s Upper Harbor on Friday, December 8, to lift and place large pieces of the new bridge’s lifting mechanism, CBC News reports.

Photo: Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project.

Jonathan Huggett, the project director, told the news agency that the bridge was closed starting at 7 or 8 a.m. Friday and remained shut for several hours at a time through the weekend while two rings, each weighing about 290 tons, and the lower counterweight that joins the rings together were set into place.

Crews are now working to fill the counterweights with ballast, set the rings into the machinery, and prepare for the final steel installation of the bridge deck in early 2018.

“The final stage will be in early February when we lift the main span in and bolt it to those rings,” Huggett Huggett told the news agency.

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