Idaho to replace four bridges on U.S. 26; part of 17-bridge project
Joy Powell | January 1, 2018

A $24.1 milion project will replace this bridge and three others on U.S. 26 for the South Gooding Main Canal in Idaho, just west of Gooding. Photo courtesy of Idaho Transportation Department.


Four bridges on U.S. 26 will be replaced for the South Gooding Main Canal, with construction beginning Tuesday just west of Gooding, according to the Idaho Transportation Department.

The four bridges are part of an overall design-build project that includes 17 bridges throughout eastern Idaho. The four bridges in the Gooding area were selected to be replaced because they are over 50 years old. They will be replaced simultaneously to minimize impacts to highway traffic.

The bridges are between 1500 East Road, which is two miles west of the Gooding area, and 1850 East Road near Gooding.

The replacements will improve existing bridge structures and provide increased canal capacity, the department says. Roadways will be resurfaced and the guardrail removed on all four bridges. The construction budget is $24.1 million and the anticipated completion date is by April 15, 2018

A spokesman for the Idaho Transportation Department says it is working with Wadsworth Brothers Construction and Wilson & Company on a design-build process that is intended to reduce construction time and save money.

“We really want to make this as easy as possible for everyone using the roadway,” says Bryan Young, a transportation department resident engineer. “We are applying all of our best practices to get this project done on time while still maintaining mobility on U.S. 26.”

Construction begins at mile post 146.43 and ends after mile post 149.53. Here are some details:

  • Traffic will reduce to one lane with temporary traffic signals directing traffic
  • Lanes will be reduced to 11-foot openings, with closed shoulders
  • Speed reduced to 35 miles per hour through construction zones


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