How to convince your boss (or spouse) that you need to be at the next big construction trade show
Marcia Gruver Doyle | June 3, 2013
ConExpo-Con/Agg: Learning intensified.

ConExpo-Con/Agg: Learning intensified.

Our reader research throughout the years ranks trade shows relatively low as one of the ways you gather equipment information. And that’s to be expected, since these shows take place within a limited timeframe. You hear from other information sources – such as our monthly print editions and daily e-newsletters – on a much more consistent basis.

But as an information source, I would argue that trade shows need to be in your equipment data gathering mix. I’m writing this as the marketing mavens of this industry are meeting to figure out ways to get you – the critical equipment buyer – to the big daddy North American show, ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014, slated for March 4-8 in Las Vegas.

Yep, it’s that time again. You started to see show ads in these pages in March, and pre-registration ( is now open.

While Equipment World is a long-standing partner with showrunner Association of Equipment Manufacturers, our ConExpo coverage will be dedicated to our greatest asset: you, our audience.

But first you need to get there. And that, like most things in life, involves a plan:

Start now to justify attendance to upper management – or your spouse. Las Vegas is just the venue; you’re going there to kick the tracks, not indulge in life’s excesses. (Well, maybe a little … if not just to celebrate your company is still among the living.)

Get your equipment viewing plan in place. One way to validate trip expenses to management – or yourself – is to get your wish list lined up. After years of nose-to-the-grindstone activity, you may look up and find yourself with a worn equipment fleet and a healthy curiosity about what’s beyond your borders.  Leading up to the show, we’ll be giving you the inside scoop on exhibits, demos and seminars, all essential in helping you roadmap your visit. And take note: The upcoming show, which usually takes place in mid-March, has been moved up two weeks, so it’s even closer than you think.

Consider the possibility of making ConExpo an incentive/reward trip. You have people who have proven their expertise, attitude and loyalty. Having them walk the aisles with you not only will give them a welcome break, it’s likely they will notice things you don’t, and perhaps come back with an idea you can take to the bottom line.

Partner with your dealers, manufacturers and service providers. Loyal customers get lots of perks, and one of them may be subsidized attendance to ConExpo. Start asking now if anything’s in the offing. Even if you opt to remain independent, it’s likely your preferred manufacturers are having special customer events. It’s their way of saying thanks for sticking around … and sticking with them. 

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