E-Z Drill introduces new combo drill system

E-Z Drill introduces the Model 240B combo drill system, a rock drill and core drill combination for subgrade operation. The new drill offers a quick conversion from rock to core drills on the job site, eliminating the need for separate drilling systems.

The core drill uses a three-speed motor (400, 900 and 1,600 rpm) and requires a minimum of 77 cubic feet per minute for operation. It can drill holes from 5/8-inch diameter to 2 1/2-inches and can drill up to 18 inches deep.

The drill’s compact frame allows it to operate in a 4-foot patch while drilling within 6 inches of a corner. The machine is operated from the subgrade, keeping both the machine and the user out of traffic. An optional vertical conversion kit is also available to increase the machine’s versatility by changing from horizontal to vertical drill. The unit does not need to be anchored to the concrete, allowing the user to roll the unit to the coring location and begin drilling, eliminating set-up time.

The 240B features a quick-release bit guide and vertical height adjustment for drilling on center with slabs 6 to 24 inches thick. The roller bearing feed system eliminates friction while drilling and the dual-purpose guide wheels help to easily position and guide the unit.

The drill also features components to protect the machine and the operator. Carriage locks secure the drill and bit in place when the air supply is off or disconnected. Auto-lock couplers automatically secure their air supply hose onto the drill coupling, eliminating the need for manual pinning. The machine also includes a lubrication system for extended motor life.

For more information on the 240B combo drill, visit E-Z Drill’s website.