Atlas Copco’s HC 920 handles range of soil compaction projects

Atlas Copco Construction’s HC 920 hydraulic compactor attachment features FAG bearings, a Permco motor and Lord shock mounts for improved performance and durability. The unit is useful for a variety of soil compaction projects as well as driving and extracting sheeting and posts.

Handling a maximum hydraulic flow of 30 gallons per minute at 2,200 psi and weighing 1,600 pounds, the HC 920 boasts an impulse force of 16,000 pounds and delivers 2,200 cycles per minute. The HC 920 is suitable for carriers in the 10- to 22-ton weight class and features a 28- by 40-inch plateformed from a single piece of extra thick stock, eliminating the need for welding.

The compactor’s protected hose set connects the valve block to the carrier supply and return lines, and are centrally routed to prevent contact with working surfaces and protected by an outer layer that resists abrasion. Additionally, the hoses are positioned to mimic the configuration used by Atlas Copco breakers, allowing a compactor and breaker to be used on the same carrier without having to cross hoses when changing attachments.

For easy compactor mounting, the HC 920 features a flat top design that accepts the same bolt-on brackets as Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers used on similarly sized carriers. The brackets are designed to OEM bucket specifications making the compactor compatible with pin grabbing, quick attach devices. The compactor can also be ordered as a traditional pin on unit without an additional bracket.

To reduce problems associated with excessive hydraulic input, the plate comes with a control valve that was designed to regulate the input flow and the amount of pressure traveling to the hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motor also comes with an integral circuit, which allows the dynamic assembly to coast to a stop on circuits not set up with an open return. Additionally, both of these features make the compactor compatible without modification with a large number of carriers.