Chicago Pneumatic introduces vibration-reduced chipping hammer

Chicago Pneumatic’s new CP 0017 chipping hammer features a steel spring vibration isolator assembly that further reduces vibration levels increasing operator comfort and productivity – a model that replace two previous chipping hammer models that used a rubber isolator. The new unit features a standard D-type ergonomic trigger handle.

Chicago Pneumatic is offering two versions of the hammer, both offer a screw cap tool retainer and small shanks to keep the tools lightweight. The CP 0017 SVR 3R weighs 20.5 pounds and has a 0.68-inch round shank, while the CP 0017 SVR 3H features a 0.58-inch hex shank and weighs 21 pounds. Both models can produce up to 1,900 blows per minute and require 36 cfm of air.