Reduce trees, brush, logging waste, asphalt to uniform product in one pass

Bandit’s Model 3680 Beast Recycler has a variety of screens and cutting and grinding tools, allowing you to tailor the end product, including mulch, compost, animal bedding, fuel and materials used in pressed board. The 3680 has a 33-inch-by-60-inch opening and is available in 395 to 700 horsepower. This mid-sized unit also comes in a self-propelled version with a Cat 325 undercarriage. Popular with self-propelled units, a thrower option allows material to be loaded into end-opening trailers or to be broadcast over the site. The model’s cuttermill effectively cuts and splits material apart, as compared to other waste reduction machines that use a beating action. The raker system used on the Beast’s tool holder regulates the cut while providing protection for the mill in case the machine encounters contaminants.