Case unveils two more

With the introduction of the CX330 and CX460 excavators, Case now has a total of 11 of what it calls “thinking” excavators. These use computerized engine and hydraulic controls to give you power when you need it most. The CX330 offers 259 horsepower and a maximum digging depth of 26 feet 8 inches and replaces the 9050B model. The CX460 turns out 316 horsepower, digs to 27 feet 4 inches and replaces the 9060B. As replacement models both offer more power, hydraulic flow, bucket capacity and digging force. The CX330 boasts 51,436 pounds of digging force and the CX460 generates 60,698 of the same.

An onboard computer senses the load demand and automatically adjusts the engine power and speed for optimum efficiency and economy. Three manually set operating modes are also available: heavy mode for maximum power, standard mode (90 percent engine speed and pump torque) for normal duty and light mode (85 percent engine speed and 70 percent pump torque) for lifting and other precision operations. And when you really need to crank it up, a power boost feature increases output by 10 percent in eight-second intervals.

Cabs on the new excavators offer wide entryways and expanded arm and legroom. Front facing glass has been increased 24 percent for better sightlines to the bucket. Viscous mounts for the cab isolate it from noise and vibration and a seven-way adjustable suspension seat gives operators the ability to fine-tune their comfort levels.