Foley Equipment holds grand opening in $19M HQ in Wichita
Joy Powell | November 29, 2017


Foley Equipment has built a new 146,000-square-foot headquarters in Wichita, Kansas.

Foley Equipment of Wichita, Kansas, recently moved into a new $19 million, 146,000-square-foot headquarters. The family-owned company celebrated with a grand opening on November 17.

The Caterpillar construction equipment dealer has grown from a single store in 1940 to operations spanning 144 counties throughout Kansas and western Missouri.

Foley broke ground on the facility’s construction in May 2016, a company spokeswoman says.

The new facility focuses on environmental sustainability with a self-adjusting climate for energy efficiency, positive ventilation to maintain a clean environment, LED lighting throughout and waste oil collection systems, the company says.

“The investment in our Wichita headquarters is a testament to the decades of support from our Wichita customers and employees,” says Shane Ham, chief operating officer. “The expanded space enables us to be more flexible and cost-effective while better serving our customer needs.”

Ann Konecny became CEO and dealer principal in 1997, following the footsteps of her father, Paul “Skip” Foley, Jr.

Her grandfather, Paul Foley Sr., had worked in the treasury department at Caterpillar’s Illinois headquarters before coming to Wichita in 1940 and founding the company. From that single store the company has continued to expand.

From 19 locations in 14 cities, Foley Equipment now serves 104 of 105 counties in Kansas and 40 counties in western Missouri, including the Kansas City metropolitan area.

In response to an increasing customer demand for rebuilds, in 2007 the company had expanded with the Foley Rebuild Center in Park City, Kansas, providing complete services for engine, hydraulic and component rebuilds.

This 127,000 square-foot facility features Caterpillar’s Five-Star Contamination Control rating, which ensures the rebuild environment is clean. In addition, a 5,000-horsepower engine dyno-cell is a particularly powerful precision testing instrument, a company spokeswoman says, noting that it’s the first of its kind in the nation from a Caterpillar dealer.

Foley acquired the assets of Martin Tractor Company in 2009, expanding Foley’s territory from 50 to 99 counties in Kansas.

And in 2012, Foley again expanded again with the acquisition of Dean Machinery.

Foley Industries and its subsidiaries Foley Equipment, Foley Power Solutions, Foley Rental and SITECH Central have represented Caterpillar more than 75 years. With nearly 1,000 employees, they provide a full range of equipment and power generation sales, rental, service, and technology solutions.

To learn more about the dealership, visit or watch the video below produced in conjunction with Foley Equipment being honored by the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce for its longtime economic and civic contributions.

Shown at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Nov. 17 open are front row, left to right: Lewis Erickson, Chief Financial Officer Foley; Thomas Frake, VP Caterpillar; Robert Charter, Group President Caterpillar; Ann Konecny, CEO Foley; Cheryl Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer; Philip Kelliher VP Caterpillar; Shane Ham, Chief Operating Officer Foley.
Back row: Beau Boggess, VP-Service Foley; Doug Stuhlsatz, VP-General Counsel Foley; David Dickey, Chief Marketing Officer Foley; Jeff Fouraker, VP-Sales Foley; Matt McNett, VP-Power Solutions Foley; Jon Robinson, VP-Parts and Engine Rebuild Foley.


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