Backhoe shimmies across water on a bridge made of old logs

Updated Oct 26, 2014

Backhoe crosses water on bridge made of logs

During the reconstruction of a bridge in what looks to be a very rural part of Brazil, with the water in front of him a bit too deep to comfortably drive through, the backhoe operator in the video below was faced with a dilemma. He could either A) drive or haul his backhoe around to the other side, or B) create a temporary bridge made of rotting logs. He goes with option B and manages to not tip over into the ditch or creek beneath him. Beyond the question of why you’d risk the consequences of this not working out just to save a little time, I’ve got to wonder why they chose those logs to cross on when it looks like there were more structurally-sound logs available to use.

Funnily enough, it’s not until he gets back onto dirt that he runs into trouble as he struggles to get the back wheels off the log bridge while trying to get the front wheels out of some soft soil. Check out the video below.