How to dig your way down a steep, shifting slope in an excavator

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.54.41 AM

Should you find yourself at the top of a steep and shifting slope in an excavator, you could simply take the risk of running down it like a mad man. Or, if you’re like this guy, you could do it safely and help out your fellow operator in the wheel loader below by throwing them some material and digging your way down.

The video itself is shot from a great angle inside the cab and as he descends the slop the perspective is really cool. (Make sure to full screen the video to get the full effect.) The video might not seem very exciting to some, but it real life, the grade of the slope is pretty intimidating. As the operator notes in the YouTube comments, it took him quite a while to mount up the courage to go over the edge the first time and every time since he says “…yeah you hold your breath before going over.”

[youtube S5ReFm-tpHw nolink]