Watch a 10-week Cat D11R powertrain rebuild in just a few minutes in this time-lapse

Updated Oct 30, 2013

Cat D11R powertrain rebuild

The folks at Arkansas-based Riggs Caterpillar put together an awesome video that chronicles the complete 10-week rebuild of a D11R powertrain. The dealer says that the transmission rebuild was done at its Little Rock location while the engine rebuild was done at its Fort Smith location. The final reassembly is always done at the customer’s jobsite. During the course of the rebuild, more than 3,000 parts are replaced and more than 200 tests are performed. The In the video, Riggs notes the cost of a Caterpillar powertrain rebuild costs about 20 percent of the machine’s purchase price, while a full rebuild costs 60 percent. Don’t miss the video below.

[youtube _qvUFKu7MJI nolink]