Caterpillar intros MH3027 material handler with ground level, step-in cab riser (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Updated Jun 11, 2015

Caterpillar recently introduced the MH3027, the smallest of the company’s new series of wheeled material handlers in the 25 metric ton size class.

No doubt the most impressive feature of this machine is the optional step-in cab with ground level entry and exit. This patented system hydraulically raises the cab from the ground to improve safety for operators or service personnel, says Michael Condron, marketing consultant.

It’s a bit like having your own elevator to the top. Once you’re in the cab it hydraulically elevates to 18 feet above the ground to give you up  visibility over the top of scrap and material piles. (See our video of this below).

The other cab option is a cab to platform operation. With it you climb up into the cab and then the hydraulics takes you and the cab up to the 18 foot level. On either system, should an operator become incapacitated or the engine suddenly stop, there are cab lowering valves in the cab as well as external to the cab, so nobody gets stuck up in the stratosphere.

Watch as the MH3027’s patented cab riser system takes marketing consultant Michael Condron from ground level to 18 feet up in the air.

Cab protection

Another significant safety feature is the “cab avoidance system.” Sensors on the front linkage ensure that the work tool, including a swinging grapple, can not smash into the cab. And a standard rear-view camera and optional side view camera ensure that you’re not rotating into blind spots. The rear view camera has a built in microphone so you can bark at anybody foolish enough to step into your swing radius.

On the working end, you can spec the MH3027 with a straight stick for waste handling or a drop nose stick for scrap.

The drop nose stick reaches out with a 25-foot, 2-inch boom/19-foot, 10-inch stick combo. The straight stick offers a 22-foot boom/16-foot, 7 inch stick. The 19-foot, 10-inch stick reaches horizontally to 44-feet, 8 inches, vertically to 49-feet, 10-inches. The 16-foot, 7-inch short front stick goes to 39-feet horizontally and 44-feet, 5-inches vertically.

The Cat C7.1 engine on the new machines pumps out 173 horsepower. The hydraulics uses a closed center, one pump, load sensing implement system with electro-hydraulic controls. And the machine regenerates it’s boom-down oil flow to reduce the volume of oil the pump produces.

Improved visibility

Joystick steering eliminates the steering wheel in front and improves visibility to the work. Solid rubber tires eliminate flats.

A four wheel, mechanical drive transmission and oscillating rear axle gives you steady maneuverability even under uneven terrain. The rear axle hydraulically locks to give you better stability during light duty material handling without the stabilizers deployed.

Not that you’re going to race it, but the two speed transmissions features creep control and a top speed of 12.4 mph.