Atlas Copco adds 5 small-range breaker models to EC lineup

Updated May 12, 2015
The EC 40 hydraulic breaker in rock excavation.The EC 40 hydraulic breaker in rock excavation.

Atlas Copco has added five new models to its lineup of Essential Case-Mounted hydraulic breakers. The small range breakers are designed to fit carriers weighting between one and 12 tons, and are suitable for small-scale construction and demolition applications.

The EC 40 T, EC 50 T, EC 60 T, EC 70 T and EC 80 T have box-style mounting systems that eliminated the need to remove external fasteners to access components such as wear bushing and seals for maintenance.

Atlas Copco says the expedited turnaround times for maintenance boosts usage rates, making the EC breaker attachments useful for rental applications.

The breakers generate impact rates up to 1,600 bpm and have a high power-to-weight ratio. Smooth operation is achieved through integrated features such as nitrogen-gas assist, which decreases the demand for hydraulic oil from the carrier’s hydraulic system and delivers consistently high impact energy.

The breaker line features Atlas Copco’s VibroSilenced Plus system, which isolates percussion mechanisms from breaker boxes with polyurethane damping, and seals all attachment openings, ensuring the breakers can be used on noise restricted jobsites.