Big tires, big manipulator

Marcia Doyle Headshot

Photo1Need to change a 63-inch tire? Then Stellar has the tire manipulator for you.

The Stellar TM 20165 truck-mounted unit can change the largest off-the-road tire on the market, the 59/80R/63, used on the world’s largest mining trucks. 

Capable of handling tire and rim combinations weighing up to 20,000 pounds, the manipulator has more than 24 feet of reach capacity. This allows it to mount and dismount outside, as well as duals, without repositioning the tire manipulator truck, something Stellar says is the first of its kind. The unit has a clamping span of 44 inches up to 165 inches, with continuous manipulator pad rotation and 315-degree body rotation. It comes standard with a fully proportional radio remote control system, and a quad stabilizer package that has a low profile. 

The model on display has been bought by Canadian mining tire service company Kal Tire, which will put it to work in the Canadian oil sands area. “The real work happens in the field and I want to make sure my guys have the tooling they need to do the job,” says Mike Weir, Kal Tire Canadian operations manager. “We bought the truck looking for a solution to better service customers with added capacity,” Weir says. “This will handle 63-inch-class tires safely, and gives us a competitive advantage.”