Volvo and Carlson sign screed agreement

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Volvo Construction Equipment has entered into a strategic alliance with Carlson Paving Products, offering an updated Wedge-Lock screed by Carlson. The screeds will be sold exclusively through Volvo dealers in North America.

In addition, the existing line of Carlson EZ highway class screeds are now available on new Volvo asphalt pavers and through Volvo dealers in North America. Included in the agreement are the 8- and 10-foot EZIII and EZIV Series screeds, which can be factory-installed on Volvo pavers. Carlson Paving Products will be responsible for field support of the EZ screeds.

The Wedge-Lock screed is designed for use with Volvo 6000 Series asphalt pavers. The electrically heated self-contained vibratory screed will pave a basic 10-foot-wide asphalt mat with crowning capability at the mid-point. Power Crown is standard on the Wedge-Lock and adjusts from a 3-inch positive crown to a 0.75-inch negative crown.

The paving screed is available in two basic configurations — a standard screed and a screed with 3/6 hydraulic extensions. The basic screed and all optional extensions are equipped with bolt-on replaceable, abrasion-resistant, 0.5-inch screed plates. All heating elements are also easily removable without requiring removal of the screed plate.

The electric-heated screed incorporates advanced-design heating elements positioned in direct contact with the upper surface of the main screed plate to deliver even, controllable heat. Service-friendly design allows heating elements to be replaced without dropping the screed plate.

Control consoles on each section of the main screed provide effortless electrical switching control for extension, retraction, crown and slope. The consoles also allow for auger / conveyor speed range and on / off override. Crew comfort is assured with new features, including conveniently located cup holders and lockable storage trays.

Fully adjustable end gates have been updated on the new paving screed to allow for better joint control. An option is also now available for heated end plates on the Wedge-Lock screed.

The Wedge-Lock screed with 3/6 extensions has two options — a round nose or mini shoe screed plate. The round nose screed plate is 1.5 inches wide and uses curved strike-offs. The mini shoe screed plate is 6.25 inches wide and uses flat strike-offs.

The new Wedge-Lock screeds will be manufactured by Carlson Paving Products at their production facility in Tacoma, Wash.