International Paystar 5900 Set-Back Axle Now Available with 10-Inch Frame Rails

International announced Feb. 3 at World of Concrete that its PayStar 5900 set-back axle is now available with 10-inch frame rails.

The company says this new option will meet the needs of vocational truck customers looking for a lighter-weight and more nimble truck chassis. International had recently reoriented itself completely toward the severe service and vocational markets.

The 12.25-inch frame rails will remain a standard option for the PayStar but the smaller, lighter-weight 10.25-inch frame rails provide customers and truck equipment manufacturers additional flexibility, says Jim Hebe, Navistar senior vice president of North American sales operation.

The smaller, lighter frame rail option provides vocational tractor customers with the ability to take advantage of standardized trailer heights in straight dump, dump trailer, and combination truck-trailer applications. Additionally, the 10.25-inch frame rails provide truck operators with additional payload capacity for states with highly sensitive weight restrictions.