Final Take: Construction bookcase

BUCYRUS – Construction and Mining Machines, 1880-2008
“Bucyrus – Construction and Mining Machines, 1880-2008” by Keith Haddock takes a comprehensive look at construction and mining equipment manufactured by Bucyrus-Erie – now known as Bucyrus International – including cable excavators, hydraulic excavators, walking draglines, stripping shovels and drills. The book includes detailed information on additional products made by the company, including floating dredges, tractor equipment, cranes and bucket wheel excavators. Product lines from Erie Steam Shovel and Ruston-Bucyrus are also covered in the book. The author includes tables of machine introductions and production numbers, as well as a complete company history. The 224-page book features 456 black-and-white photographs. Signed copies are available by calling (780)-434-2840.

The BOMAG Story: 1957-2007
The story of Boppard Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft mbH – known today as BOMAG – takes the reader through the compaction manufacturer’s 50-year history. Beginning when founders Karl Heinz Schwamborn and Benno Kaltenegger collaborated in pairing double vibration with all-drum drive, the book includes chapters on development of BOMAG’s product line, innovations, adaptability to difficult times in the market and the acquisition by the French group Fayat. The 119-page book includes information about the company’s expansion around the world and features black-and-white historical photos and advertisement reproductions. A limited number of copies are available. If interested, e-mail Doug Zoerb at Please include a street address.

Word for Word
“A lot of projects that contractors thought would be coming on line now have been put on hold.”
– Kenneth Simonson, chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America to USA Today about tightening credit standards by lenders.

“I’d hate to see people oversimplify this and think that a check is going to show up from the beltway and we’re going to have all these new projects going.”
– Len Toenjis, president of Associated General Contractors of St. Louis, to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about President-Elect Barack Obama’s proposal to invest $60 billion in infrastructure improvements over the next 10 years.

“Unless the federal government is willing to step up and develop a real infrastructure repair program, we’re never going to be able to do the two things we need to do: one, maintain what we have; and, two, build new things.”
– Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania speaking to PBS about the country’s aging infrastructure.