Bernard Welding Equipment offers new Dura-Flux gun

Bernard Welding Equipment has introduced a new self-shielded flux-cored Dura-Flux welding gun with Bernard’s Centerfire contact tips that can be configured with direct plugs for wire feeders outfitted with Tweco 4 and Euro gun connections.

The direct plug replacement kits allow Dura-Flux plugs to easily be interchanged. This also allows companies with several brands of feeders to move the Dura-Flux from one feeder to another by a simple switch of the direct plug and trigger cord adapter.

The new Tweco 4 and Euro direct plugs were developed in response to increased demand for the Dura-Flux gun from welders using wire feeders with these types of gun connections. In addition to the Tweco 4 and Euro direct plugs, the Dura-Flux can also be configured with Miller and Lincoln direct plugs.