Charleston construction crew finds 27 graves beneath jobsite
Wayne Grayson | February 20, 2013
Graves from Granary Burying Ground

Graves at Boston’s historic Granary Burying Ground. Credit: Wayne Grayson

While working at the site of a renovation of Gaillard Auditorium in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, construction workers found 27 graves, the Associated Press reported.

The graves were arranged in two even rows and were uncovered after removing tons of dirt that previously laid beneath a parking lot.

There is no record of a cemetery at the location of the jobsite, but archaeologist Eric Poplin told the AP that the graves appear to date back to at least 1780, around the time of the American Revolution.

City officials said they would have to decide what to do with the remainsDustin Clemens with the city says it could take a couple of days to decide what should be done with the remains.

Potential historical significance aside, this crew has probably seen better weeks.

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