Case adds CX130C and CX160C excavators to CX C line
| May 6, 2013
Case CX130C

Case CX130C

Case has introduced two new excavators to its CX C Series, our sister site, Equipment World, reported.

The excavators–CX130C and CX160C–feature optimized hydraulics systems, improved fuel efficiency, easier maintenance and more.

A Tier 4 Interim engine powers each of the machines, delivering 100 horsepower to the CX130C and 124 horsepower to the CX160C.

The machines also feature improved lift capacities. The CX130C has a 4-percent improvement, while the CX160C has an improvement of 2 percent. In addition to lift improvement, the CX160C reduces cycle times by 3 percent.

The excavators come with three power modes that allow the operator to customize performance for specific applications: SP (speed priority), H (heavy duty) and A (automatic). Other features include Boom Economy Control to lower engine rpms during boom down and swing, as well as Auto Economy Control to lower rpms when the joysticks are inactive.

Case CX160C

Case CX160C

The CX130C has an operating weight of 28,600 pounds, a bucket digging force of 20,200 to 21,400 pounds, an arm digging force of 12,600 to 16,600 pounds and a maximum dig depth of 16 feet, 9 inches to 19 feet, 9 inches. Standard bucket sizes for the CX130C range from 0.32 cubic yards to 1.12 cubic yards.

The CX160C has an operating weight of 38,001 pounds, a bucket digging force of 25,200 to 26,500 pounds, an arm digging force of 16,200 to 18,800 pounds and a maximum dig depth of 19 feet, 9 inches to 21 feet, 3 inches. Standard bucket sizes for the CX130C range from 0.36 cubic yards to 1.28 cubic yards.

The new machines include maintenance and management updates such as easily accessible panels for easy-to-reach service points. The machines are designed to perform for 500 hours between oil changes, 5,000 hours between hydraulic oil changes and 1,000 hours between greasing.

Cab improvements over the machines’ predecessors include reduced noise, 7-percent larger cabin space and 19-percent better visibility.

A full range of attachments, including pin-on buckets and coupler buckets, is available for both machines.

For more information about the new CX C Series excavators from Case, read the full report at

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