Esco and ESS prepare to open wearparts business

Esco, producer of wearparts products, and Equipment Sales and Service (ESS), a company that offers distribution and field application of wear product solutions, have announced plans for a new wearparts business that will serve the Alberta, Canada, oil sands mining community.

According to Esco and ESS, the new business will be similar to a “wearparts supermarket,” or one stop shopping for customers, that will be located in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The Esco, QSF, Bucyrus Blades and Heflin Steel brands will all be offered at the new location.

The companies’ hope that assisting the mining community in managing wear parts consumption will reduce overall costs. ESS employees and wearparts experts will be on hand to demonstrate and apply wearparts solutions in mining applications at the wearparts supermarket, which is slated to open Feb. 6.