Woman fixes pothole in busy Ark. road after city denies responsibility

Updated Mar 18, 2019
Screen shot.Screen shot.

When drivers started to complain about a certain, large pothole on Savannah Drive in Maumelle, Arkansas, and city officials said it was not the responsibility of the City of Maumelle to maintain the privately owned road, Sara Martin took it upon herself to fix it, KARK.com reports.

Martin went to a hardware store, bought some gravel, and fixed it with the help of a friend.

“It’s claimed about 10 tires so far,” Martin told the news agency, so she decided to be part of the solution.

“I went to Lowes and brought some gravel and here we are. It took six bags and there are rocks at the bottom. It was $26 roughly, and not even 30 minutes to dump the gravel in, anybody could do it. It makes me feel good that it’s fixed. Even if it only saves five people’s tires, it’s fixed. We were getting thumbs up and Thank Yous.”

Martin says she’s no hero for fixing the pothole, but if people are willing to help, she is willing to fill more potholes in the street.