Road Dryer RD-1200XT gets road crews back to work faster

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Updated Dec 2, 2018

Road Dryer’s RD-1200XT pulled behind pickupA Greenville, South Carolina-based company has developed a machine specifically designed to dry roads, so contractors can get back to work sooner after inclement weather or wet conditions caused by a paving project.

Road Dryer’s RD-1200XT can dry asphalt and concrete pavement in one pass, allowing crews to quickly begin applying surface treatments or striping, the company says.

The dryer comes truck-mounted, or it can be pulled behind a pickup truck.

truck mounted Road Dryer’s RD-1200XTThe unit blows hot air up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit directly onto the paved surface. It can be adjusted to widths of 8 to 12 feet.

The company says the dryer won’t cause flying debris, and it is safe for traffic to travel in the adjacent lane while the dryer is operating.

The dryer eliminates issues associated with other drying methods, like jet engines, infrared heat, or portable blowers combined with brooms and manual squeegees. It is quiet, runs on diesel fuel and won’t melt pavement, the company says.

The dryer can follow behind a milling machine and dry the surface, to be ready for paving or surfacing after one pass. The company also says it can follow a hydro-blaster and immediately prepare the surface for a paint sprayer for painting or repainting lines.

“The RD-1200XT preconditions the incoming air to remove moisture prior to heating and directing the heated air to the road, allowing faster drying time,” the company says.

“The top layer of ground or pavement is heated instantly, and any water or ice on the surface is instantly evaporated and the moisture is carried away from the road surface, as the hot air stream rises.”