Opening of Maine’s Sarah Mildred Long Bridge delayed again

Updated Dec 10, 2017
Photo courtesy of CianbroPhoto courtesy of Cianbro

The projected opening of the new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge has been postponed again, possibly until late December 2017.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Maine Department of Transportation Press Secretary Ted Talbot said project administrators are working with its general contractor, Cianbro Corp., to identify what has caused the opening to be delayed several times.

“We’re confident the bridge will be open by year’s end,” Talbot told the news agency. “Any discussion about delays can take place when the bridge is open, but right now all of our energy and resources are focused on getting this bridge open.”

Talbot said the colder weather is one factor in slowing down the project, explaining that paving the bridge becomes more difficult the later construction goes in December. Cianbro incurs a $1,000 per-day penalty for every day the bridge remains unopened to vehicles beyond the original Sept. 1 opening date.

“We’re working really well with the contractor right now, and we’ll have a conversation about what caused these delays, but that is really not the focus right now,” Talbot told the news agency.

There will be additional per-day penalties on Cianbro for every day past the June 1, 2018, project completion deadline if the entire project is not complete, which includes removing the construction trestle adjacent to the bridge, installing railroad tracks and landscaping both sides of the bridge.