Greenberg named deputy director for Caltrans sustainability program

The California Department of Transportation has named Ellen Greenberg as the new deputy director for sustainability. She will oversee the agency’s efforts to “shift and align its policies and practices to improve the environment, the economy and social equity for all Californians.”

“Ellen will be a valuable addition to the Caltrans Executive Team,” says Caltrans director Malcolm Dougherty. “She will help Caltrans advance its sustainability commitment by applying those principles into the planning, design, maintenance and operation of California’s vast transportation system.”

Greenberg’s experience spans more than 30 years, as she has worked with transportation agencies and private organizations. Most recently she led the planning and infrastructure groups of design and engineering firm Arup. While there she worked with transportation agencies LA Metro, Maricopa County (Arizona) Association of Governments, Translink (Vancouver Region) and the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission

She was the lead author of Caltrans’s Smart Mobility Framework, a program begun with support from the U.S. EPA Office of Sustainable Communities. Greenberg also was named as the first visiting practitioner at the University of California, Davis National Center for Sustainable Transportation.

More information on Caltran’s sustainability efforts is available here.