Texas Transportation Commission approves $437 million in projects for November Prop 1 funding

Texas_welcome_signThe Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) has approved nine transportation projects valued at $436.84 million for the November round of Proposition 1-funding projects.

The October round included three projects valued at $45 million. The TTC has now approved 131 of the planned 200 projects to be funded by Proposition 1.

This round includes the following highway projects, counties and amounts:

  • US 180, Stephens County: $4.05 million
  • IH 35, Travis County: $71.53 million
  • IH 10, Orange County: $5.43 million
  • SH 31, Navarro County: $76.39 million
  • US 79, Leon County: $5.14 million
  • US 79, Freestone County: $2.35 million
  • IH 30, Tarrant County: $228.44 million
  • RM2244, Travis County: $9.84 million
  • SH 364, Hidalgo County: $6.85 million
  • SL 8, Harris County: $26.82 million

Proposition 1 will cover more than 800 miles of highway rehabilitation, including 500 miles of new highway lanes; 114 replaced, widened, or rehabilitated bridges; and 159 miles of passing lanes added to rural highways, the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) reports.

“The commission and TxDOT continue to deliver needed transportation projects that will greatly benefit Texas drivers and the state’s economy,” said TxDOT Executive Director Joe Weber. “The message from community leaders and local planning organizations, as well as the message sent by voters when they approved Proposition 1 last November, is that transportation concerns must be addressed in a manner that is both efficient and effective. Our efforts continue to prove we hear and understand that message.”