Arsenault revenue up 118 percent in last 5 years

Arsenault Associates reports that its revenue grew by 118 percent during the past five years, and despite the severe recession and resulting downturn in the transportation industry, revenues grew 5 percent in 2009.

The provider of fleet maintenance management solutions also notes that it increased staffing in product development, contrary to the current industry trend.

Arsenault Associates celebrated its 30th year of business in 2009.

“Despite the continuing poor economy, we continue to grow,” said CEO Charles Arsenault in a written statement. “Although a substantial number of existing and prospective customers are dealing with budget cuts and project delays, we continue to help many customers reach a decision to move forward based on the clear ROI associated with a well-implemented fleet asset maintenance management system. At the same time, we increased our investment level in product development in order to deliver an even broader range of benefits for our customers in 2010 and beyond.“In 2009, many fleet companies made serious efforts to find profit in cost savings,” Arsenault continued in the statement.

“Good maintenance software systems offer many benefits for fleet managers, but rapid ROI may have been the single most important benefit last year, and it helped to drive Dossier sales. Our fleet management consulting and training business also saw growth, in both new installations and for ongoing improvements, training, and system tune-ups for existing users.”

Arsenault said that growth had come in a number of markets, but primarily through increased adoption by government fleets, waste operations, and — in a strong resurgence of interest — trucking fleets.