It’s a plane…flying over ‘Carmageddon’

The 405 Freeway closure in Los Angeles – being dubbed Carmageddon – is slated for about 53 hours from late Friday, July 16 through early Monday, July 19, and L.A.-area people are talking about it like it’s major disaster.

In terms of commute time it may be. But motorists can literally rise above the madness.

JetBlue Airways is offering L.A. to L.A. flights — Burbank to Long Beach — for $4 each way.

And consumers seem to be taking to it. When a Better Roads editor tried to check out flight times on the site the evening of July 14, the Website had a notice posted that it was “experiencing technical difficulties” and suggested that people wishing to book a flight should call the airline instead.

For a look at the 405 Freeway closure over Sepulveda Pass near Mulholland Bridge project numbers, go to the Los Angeles Daily News report.

From the 4,000 tons of concrete that will be removed in the demolition to the 1,000 cubic yards of sand to be placed beneath Mulholland Bridge to protect the freeway from falling debris and the 22 port-a-potties that are being placed on the construction site, the numbers reported by the Daily News are pretty interesting.